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IE Castellano
Author: Fantasy and Sci-fi
Author: Fantasy and Sci-fi


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I write stuff about things and stuff.  Some fantasy stuff and some science fiction stuff.

The World In-between fantasy series revolves around a modern man balancing his life between this world and an unknown magical word through the portal.

The World In-between Series:
The World In-between (1)
Bow of the Moon (2)
Secrets of the Sages (3)
Whispers (4)
Hope (5)
Dreamweaver (6 [upcoming])
Yuletide Magic (Companion Short)
The Dragonlands (Companion Short)

Other Novels (Genre):
Tricentennial (Dystopian)
Where Pirates Go to Die  (Space Opera)

Short Stories (Anthology):
The Hunt (Moon Shadows)
Sector Three-Three (Across the Karman Line)
All That Lies (Disturbance)

Links to Stuff:
My Author Blog:
Amazon Author Page:
Apple Author:
Google Play Books Author:

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The beananing has begun.

First day of bean picking. Soon, there will be a ton.
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Tomatoes are doing well. We have about 10 growing up to be big tomatoes.

The beans will be prolific.

Everything is growing so well despite the shadiness of the location. The only thing that didn't come up were the strawberries. But, I bought them poorly. Next year maybe.
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You don't know how much upper body strength you don't have until your dishwasher breaks.
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4th of July Ribs

Since there's a heat advisory, these are cooking in the oven. Rubbed a thick sauce and let them sit. Covered with foil and 375 for 1.5 hours. Then will glaze with foil off.

Hoping they will be yummy.
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Independence Day Poem (on display at Mt. Pleasant Public Library (PA) and on my blog)


I braved the ocean
Swells breaking against the bow
Foam washing across the decks
I carried on

I built log by log
Storms sweeping the land
Hunger wasting deep inside
I carried on

I packed the powder
Crates floating in the night
Sulphur smoke lighting the way
I carried on

I toiled with tools
Rock sparking in the depths
Steam billowing through grain
I carried on

I marched with the sign
Venom burning invisible holes
Barricades cascading in fragments
I carried on

I severed the cord
Wisdom traveling by swipe
Binary measuring liberty
I carry on

—IE Castellano
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Some obligatory self promotion:

All my books at 75% off all during July at Smashwords for their Summer/Winter Sale.

Got some Portal Fantasy (series). Got a Dystopian Sci-fi. Got a Space Opera.

Lowest price: Free
Highest price: $2.50 (3 book box set)

Also 75% off are some anthologies with my short stories:


Space Opera (not related to the novel):

Horror/Halloween Themed:
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Things be a-growing. The peppers are the earliest to show. The kohlrabi are beginning to bulb. A few of the bean plants have buds--the promise of beans. And, there is a lone tomato flower. Hopefully today's high winds and the oncoming storm won't blow it off.
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Trying a new bread today. A Hungarian farmhouse loaf just came out of the oven.
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