Gonna have to look up this Chelsea Peretti person.

A lot of my friends are vegans now, which I don’t care, eat whatever you want. I just think that my least favorite part of the vegan diet is the verbal part where they explain it to you. It’s just endless. They’re like, "I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t even eat milk or honey, because it takes animal labor to make milk and honey and I think that’s wrong." And it just always strikes me as childish logic, it’s like, "I like bees and I love cows … more than the immigrants that pick the vegetables that I eat."

I spent roughly 15 seconds to find out who she was. In that fifteen seconds, I managed to find people whose reaction to this bit I can only describe as "butthurt." Well, I suppose "offended" would cover it well, too.

I've met plenty of vegans. Most of them were very nice. But the ones who explained veganism, and did so in the fashion that Peretti touches on? Yeah, I found them tiresome and hypocritical.
She's got a point.

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