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Lina Krivoshieva
Berlin/Plovdiv based photographer Lina Krivoshieva studies documentary photography & photojournalism—Analog, digital impulses—
Berlin/Plovdiv based photographer Lina Krivoshieva studies documentary photography & photojournalism—Analog, digital impulses—

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Hey guys,
just shared some photos of the restoration of the oldest house in The Old Town, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

I am making a long term documentary on how the city develops throughout the years to 2019 when it's going to become the European capital of culture. One of the stories i followed till now was the one of my mother - a 65 year old restorer who has been working for the last 40-something years. One of the houses that crosses her path constantly is the house Klianty - it was a long process to restore the magnificent building, since the whole problem usually was about financing. And now they finally made it...

#plovdiv #bulgaria #restoration #color #old #portraits #пловдив #българия #портрети #клианти

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Hi guys!
I am back! Just created an Instagram account for THE PLOVDIV PROJECT. If you are interested follow me here and there..

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Hello everyone,

here is a small teaser for The Plovdiv Project. I will be quite grateful if you can give us a little push in form of a like or share so we can reach our audience. I will be working the next couple of years on this project and my first long-term stay will be at the end of 2015. If you are interested, each like or share will help us achieve our goals. And for a coffee we can meet in Plovdiv, Bulgaria around November - every guest is welcome to visit the city with us as a special tour guide:)

#българия #пловдив #пловдив2019 #проектапловдив #тийзър #журналистика #история #комунизъм #чалга #стария   #филипополис #клианти #реставрация
#philipopolis #plovdiv #plovdiv2019 #communism   #chalga #restoration   #old

Ето тук един малък тийзър на проекта Пловдив. Ще съм ви благодарна за всякакъв вид помощ, за да достигнем повече хора. Над проекта ще имам възможността да работя няколко години като първия по-дълъг престой ми предстои края на 2015та година. Ако изпитвате интерес всеки like and share може да е жизнено важен. А на по кафе предлагам да се видим ноември:)

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© The Plovdiv Project — Elena Krivoshieva restoring originals in the House of Klianty in the Old City of Plovdiv
© The Plovdiv Project — POST

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Google+ is full of passionate, curious and inspiring individuals whose stories are just waiting to be told. That's why G+ and +MOFILM are excited to announce that submissions are now open for our Google+ MOFILM Cannes Lions 2015 Video Contest. If you’re a filmmaker with a penchant for storytelling and love for G+, learn more and submit your entry by May 25th:

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The Antic fortification wall of Philipopolis -- a short study with images and a interactive map.


-- #plovdiv   #plovdiv2019   #antic   #wall   #remains   #romans   #interactive  

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Finally online...!
This blog aims to share with the audience a case study of The Plovdiv Project, which is to an interactive online and offline reportage following the last and next couple of years in the context of social and cultural change. If you are interested you can follow the Facebook page of the project or Tumblr, where you will also find the audio project "The noise of Plovdiv". Soon to come: visual and archive fragments of the conservation and restoration process of Plovdiv's Old City.

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Google+-ers, I did it.. I joind the dark side of #Instagram.
I have quite some mixed feelings about this. Still on my first posts so I am not sure how I will proceed, but it turnes out to be as cool as it is horrible. But if you are on Instagram, feel free to let me know so i can find some quality photographs with your help.


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Opening scene of the 1934 Cleopatra movie by Cecil B. DeMile.
© by Cecil B. DeMille and distributed by Paramount Pictures

Great opening sequence as well as directing decisions but overall the movie is quite bad. Still very impressed by the first scene of a naked Cleopatra Cecil managed to sneak in.

#cleopatra #woman #mystical   #empowering   #movie   #egypt   #1930s   #gif #sexy
Animated Photo

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Was sind eure top Vorschläge für Monat der Fotografie in Berlin.
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