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Te TTillett
Works at Avon Products Inc
Attended School of Hard Knocks
Lives in Hartford County, CT USA
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I Sell Avon & Recruit Independant Avon Sales People
  • Avon Products Inc
    I Sell & Recruit Independant Avon Sales People, present
  • HomeMaker
    Mom, Wife Grandmother, 2012
  • Bank
  • Real Estate
  • Nursing
  • Avon
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Hartford County, CT USA
NY, CT, PA - NY - DC - NC - PA - CT - CA
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641-715-3900 ext 841011#
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Avon CT Style Independent Beauty Consultant & Avon Rep Recruiter in CT
Hi World from Hartford County CT

I am a Real Person with varied interests & you will find that I post in a chit chat type of style about things going on around me locally as well as stuff I find on the web. Most people call me by nicknames such as Te, BigMama Te, or my position in life in relationship to the others in my life such as my husband, children & other family members. I am also known out there in cyber world as Avon CT Style in social media & chats

I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother & Grandmother I've lived a small bit of life & seen a few things. I have the tendency to explore new things but always compare them to the old & will go with which ever is easier to use rather than simply going along with the "new is better" mantra that too many people have. 

I own a dumb phone because I do not wish to be saddled with a contract just to have all the bells & whistles that I can do on a computer & I prefer my old Sony Mavica digital camera because it takes better pictures being full sized like an old SLR (used to own a Pentax K1000 until it was stolen) the new digital cameras have tiny screens, move when clicking & my eyes aren't able to read the small print & since I do not see an actual improvement in the pictures I am on the look out for 3.5 disks. 

I love the internet because I have the chance to meet many new people to connect, discuss, share & learn about many old & new ideas & varied interests.  

For the past almost 3 years I've been known as Avon CT Style as I'm establishing my "web presence" on the web. 
If you have any questions I love to interact via chats & social networks. I enjoy being an Avon Products Independent Beauty Consultant because I get to help women & men make their life more BEAUTIFUL both Inside & Out

I love being part of a company that has been helping women to improve their lives for 125 years 1st as a home business then Avon branched out into charity work fighting Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence & other local fund raising opportunities. 

The Speak Out Against Domestic Violence is very near & dear to my heart because I was an abused woman when I was living with my "baby daddy" back in my early 20s back before people had places to go or people to talk to about Domestic Violence. I try to help those who are in that position from my own experiences & I proudly wear my Blue Bracelets in support of the charity program that gives money to Domestic Violence Shelters & Education programs around the world

I'm known to my friends as the Hostess with the Mostest, a friend who will help where I'm able & giver of Wisdom of the Ages - I do like to try out new things especially gadgets & toys

Look me up on Twitter, Miio & say Hi get updates on FaceBook & if you're Local Check out my In Stock Immediate Pick Up Shop 
You can always give me a call at 641-715-3900 ext 841011# & leave me a long clear message

 I only sell stuff that I'll use & buy for myself  & my family so when you see or hear me giving a recommendation it's because I've actually used the product myself & you will find that on my social networks I chit chat about life & family & interactions with my internet friends & you will find that my posts here are majority items for discussion or ponderances about life & questions which I hope to get answers to

Have a Beautiful Day! (0;}
Bragging rights
Bragging Mom Moment (0;} My 2 Adult children are out in the world going to school while working - I'm watching my Baby Genius Grandsons grow up to be a smart young men & now the 3 (Update we're now officially 4) FurBabies, Hubby & I are learning how to enjoy life with the Empty Nest & learning how to do the DIY thing in our new home - I brag about my family because in the end they are all that matter
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Avon CT Style, Wifey, Mom, Mom-Mom, Mama T, Ms Theresa, CT Avon Lady, TEAsa


Te TTillett

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Will have to give this trick a try

Ahhh. Lightbulb moment.

Problem: Can't find my way back to 6-7 really interesting conversations. (No tags. No breadcrumbs). Said conversations began a day or two ago, so they are somewhere WAY downstream.

Solution: Create a Circle called "Bookmarks." When I find a good stuff I want to track back to, Reshare this post to my Bookmarks circle, party of one (ME).

Now where does this post end up? Inside a Stream called Bookmarks on the left nav bar with all the rest. ta!

**Someone posted this idea earlier and I may have reshared it, but at the time, I did appreciate its wisdom. If this sweet little innovation was yours, please lmk and I'll give you proper credit.
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I know everyone is posting about Leonard Nimoy, but rightly so.
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Te TTillett

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Don't forget to tune in today as Wayne LaPierre takes the stage at CPAC 2015. Watch the live stream of his entire speech at NRA.Org or any of the locations listed below.
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Te TTillett

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Where's the HEAT?
Yesterday & today nice bright sunshine but it's bitter cold & we might get more snow tomorrow?
We've got no place to put the snow we've got lol
Seriously, they do have big trucks with heating elements working to melt snow there is so much of it -

What they need to do is build a pipeline to send this snow over to the drought areas that were created when they diverted & dammed up the rivers & streams -
That is the only man made global warming going on due to the interruption of the water cycle & merely reestablishing water into the area will restore the nature cycle once again - or don't they teach the natural cycles in science class anymore?
Are You Ready for the #CTComeBack?
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Te TTillett

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OOppss - wonder if someone got fired for this little slip lol
In a stroke of Friday the 13th bad luck, Fox 5 San Diego briefly portrayed President Obama as a sex-assault suspect on its 10 o’clock news.
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Te TTillett

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Only thing in life guaranteed Death & #Taxes & Democrats taxing you because you died as well
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we are also the only species to have a higher understanding of value..... sad huh
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Te TTillett

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it... 
"The classes and the races, too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give way. [. . .] they must perish in the revolutionary holocaust."     - Karl Marx  It's interesting that in recent times, socialism has bee...
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Wow how much of our lives were the cast of #StarTrek  ?
#RIPSpock   #LeonardNimoy  
#LiveLongAndProsper  with the hand sign was one of those little tricks that as children we'd have fun trying to do.
Prayers for his family, thank you for sharing him with us all these years
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Te TTillett

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Hi G+ Techie Friends could use some help
I don't know anything about Tablets but a friend is getting this one & it got me started to look at them as a possible lightweight option instead of dragging my heavy huge portable Lenovo desktop (lol the laptop with an almost dead battery) since I'm doing a lot of classes & meetings that I'm taking notes at...

I need to go Very Inexpensive because later in the year or early next year I'm going to have to break down & buy a new laptop which will end up costing a pretty penny so tablets in the $250 & $300 range aren't options for me so I've been looking at the tablet options below & could use some suggestions & comments from users of tablets what they run like & any alternate low cost options to consider...

Is this a good price?
I was debating getting a cheap chromebook I saw at Walmart for $199.99 that is lightweight but bigger & wouldn't be as portable, I sort of like the fact this is small enough to go into a purse.

Is there that big of a difference between this visual land tablet at $129 & the double power $59 Clearance Tablet that is just slightly smaller & not as fancy of a viewing screen from which has the 16gb & expansion slot & quad core with 2 cameras & keyboard case as the HSN offer.
Is there that big of a difference in the DDR 2 & 3 & the IPS HD screen & the 7.85 & 8 screens to make it worth paying the higher price?

Thanks for your input & possible alternative options
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+Joe Vidal that is kind of what I was thinking that the Walmart one I can easily return at the store if I decide that it is not going to meet my needs. Unfortunately they didn't have any in the store so I won't get to see or touch until it gets shipped to my local store (free site to store shipping)

The HSN one I'll get to check out when it finally gets to my friend's house & she shows me how tablets work while waiting for mine to get in -
I ended up ordering the Walmart one since they have already sold out of the other 2 colors my guess is that people are doing like me checked out HSN & then compared to what the Walmart locally had & what was online for prices.
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Te TTillett

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Working on a quick UnBoxing Video (0;}
(audio/video didn't quite work on 1st attempt so it might just be photos & text? Might have to do a GoFundMe for 1/2 decent equipment soon) 

Hubby & I with this hopefully will be joining the world of Non-Smokers for good & we're excited about that.

Thanks Jenn at for shipping so quickly! 
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Te TTillett

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Facts that need to be shared When Legal Gun Sales & Ownership goes up Crime Rates Go Down
Gun sales UP 
Violent crime DOWN  
On a world scale...America is112th in gun crime.

Democrats aka socialists, are aware of this, it doesnt matter, because the truth is, this administration is hell bent on disarming the United States.

This is 100% population control 

Guns save lives, violent crime is down... that is a fact.

Holder and Obama are socialists with an agenda that cannot be fulfilled unless Americans are unarmed.

Gun control throughout history comes from the populous crying for security    
Without Holder/Obamas power-hungry cheerleaders, "moms demand action" and other socialists, .... this administration would more clearly look like the gun-grabbing communists they are 

This administration WILL do everything it can within the next 2 years to cripple the sale of guns and ammo  

WE MUST have Congress in our sites, looking, watching and reading every Bill they present to the floor. 
*The +GOP is no longer representative of the true meaning of the text of the 2nd Amendment.
They WILL sell us out voting in favor of gun restrictions 

#2ndamendment #4liberty #gunssavelives  
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Safer armed than disarmed. 
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Te TTillett

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