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Te TTillett
Works at Avon Products Inc
Attended School of Hard Knocks
Lives in Hartford County, CT USA
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Happy Easter
Easter Song Remember Me
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#CTPolitcs  - both parties seem to know there is a problem but the Democrats are insisting that the state of CT is getting better & keep trying to tax us into prosperity which only drags us further into the hole
Republicans being in the minority at the state capitol speak the truth when they say it's ALL the democrats doing since the democrats did in fact rule the capitol for over 20 years with the last 4 years being a democrat super majority triple threat democrat from top to bottom, good that they can see the problems but they fall short in fixing the problems this session due to there being too many progressives in office that do not seem to have enough courage or proper business sense to create a balanced budget that cuts spending rather than raising taxes on the hurting working class & the small businesses that hire the majority of people
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) just released its 2014 edition of Rich States, Poor States, which identifies which policies can lead a state to economic prosperity.
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Te TTillett

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Henry Lamb talking about the Wildlands Project
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It is your right
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Te TTillett

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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Have her in circles
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Te TTillett

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It’s actually Saturday evening The sun has not yet fully set Thought I was going to have plans for tonight but no call came in So I sit here thinking on some of the events this week I was able to get some items posted on some Yahoo Groups that allow…
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#KatyTexas  - don't piss off the farmers lol
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Yeah I live about 45 mins south of katy lol I love it 
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Te TTillett

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Start learning about the #Agenda21 is a news, information and opinion site. Our goal is to post, report and analyze stories of interest on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to faith and family. We are located in Longview Texas.
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Te TTillett

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Dems are the haters? That is why I love my  party. We get to stand back and look at you two idiotic parties accusing each other of the dumbest hypocritical shit while thinking your own party is the solution. HILARIOUS! This is the exact reason why anarchists will be the last ones standing.
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Have her in circles
29,519 people
I Sell Avon & Recruit Independant Avon Sales People
  • Avon Products Inc
    I Sell & Recruit Independant Avon Sales People, present
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    Mom, Wife Grandmother, 2012
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Hartford County, CT USA
NY, CT, PA - NY - DC - NC - PA - CT - CA
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641-715-3900 ext 841011#
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Avon CT Style Independent Beauty Consultant & Avon Rep Recruiter in CT
Hi World from Hartford County CT

I am a Real Person with varied interests & you will find that I post in a chit chat type of style about things going on around me locally as well as stuff I find on the web. Most people call me by nicknames such as Te, BigMama Te, or my position in life in relationship to the others in my life such as my husband, children & other family members. I am also known out there in cyber world as Avon CT Style in social media & chats

I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother & Grandmother I've lived a small bit of life & seen a few things. I have the tendency to explore new things but always compare them to the old & will go with which ever is easier to use rather than simply going along with the "new is better" mantra that too many people have. 

I own a dumb phone because I do not wish to be saddled with a contract just to have all the bells & whistles that I can do on a computer & I prefer my old Sony Mavica digital camera because it takes better pictures being full sized like an old SLR (used to own a Pentax K1000 until it was stolen) the new digital cameras have tiny screens, move when clicking & my eyes aren't able to read the small print & since I do not see an actual improvement in the pictures I am on the look out for 3.5 disks. 

I love the internet because I have the chance to meet many new people to connect, discuss, share & learn about many old & new ideas & varied interests.  

For the past almost 3 years I've been known as Avon CT Style as I'm establishing my "web presence" on the web. 
If you have any questions I love to interact via chats & social networks. I enjoy being an Avon Products Independent Beauty Consultant because I get to help women & men make their life more BEAUTIFUL both Inside & Out

I love being part of a company that has been helping women to improve their lives for 125 years 1st as a home business then Avon branched out into charity work fighting Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence & other local fund raising opportunities. 

The Speak Out Against Domestic Violence is very near & dear to my heart because I was an abused woman when I was living with my "baby daddy" back in my early 20s back before people had places to go or people to talk to about Domestic Violence. I try to help those who are in that position from my own experiences & I proudly wear my Blue Bracelets in support of the charity program that gives money to Domestic Violence Shelters & Education programs around the world

I'm known to my friends as the Hostess with the Mostest, a friend who will help where I'm able & giver of Wisdom of the Ages - I do like to try out new things especially gadgets & toys

Look me up on Twitter, Miio & say Hi get updates on FaceBook & if you're Local Check out my In Stock Immediate Pick Up Shop 
You can always give me a call at 641-715-3900 ext 841011# & leave me a long clear message

 I only sell stuff that I'll use & buy for myself  & my family so when you see or hear me giving a recommendation it's because I've actually used the product myself & you will find that on my social networks I chit chat about life & family & interactions with my internet friends & you will find that my posts here are majority items for discussion or ponderances about life & questions which I hope to get answers to

Have a Beautiful Day! (0;}
Bragging rights
Bragging Mom Moment (0;} My 2 Adult children are out in the world going to school while working - I'm watching my Baby Genius Grandsons grow up to be a smart young men & now the 3 (Update we're now officially 4) FurBabies, Hubby & I are learning how to enjoy life with the Empty Nest & learning how to do the DIY thing in our new home - I brag about my family because in the end they are all that matter
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Avon CT Style, Wifey, Mom, Mom-Mom, Mama T, Ms Theresa, CT Avon Lady, TEAsa
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American Legislative Exchange Council Releases "Rich States, Poor States...

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) just released its 2014 edition of Rich States, Poor States, which identifies which policies

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Remy: Happy (Tax Day Edition)

Remy reworks the Pharrell Williams hit, "Happy," ;for tax season. Approximately two minutes. Written and performed by Remy. Video produced b

Alex Jones live at Bilderberg Group Protests

AlexJonesLive @ Ustream.TV: Alex Jones, Bilderberg, police state, infowar, new world order, eugenics, vaccinations, fiat currency, federal r

Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle: "Outside the Bo...

They said that we had no first amendment rights except for up by the bridge where they had established an area for that

Gun Rights Activists Protest at State Capitol

Gun rights activists gathered on the lawn of the Connecticut state Capitol on Saturday to protest the one-year anniversary of the state's wi

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Limiting Drone Use By Police

State lawmakers heard public testimony Monday afternoon on a bill concerning drones. Next year, the FAA is expected to widely deregulate dro

Fruit of the Loom to close Jamestown, Kentucky plant

Fruit of the Loom announced Thursday it will close the company's Jamestown, Kentucky plant.

Health Department Shuts Down Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts After Rat Video Go...

The Health Department shut down a Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts following an inspection it conducted after a patron's video showing rats crawling

TheBlaze: Obama and D’Souza Finally "Meet" - Dinesh D'Souza

TheBlaze: Obama and D’Souza Finally "Meet" - If Dinesh D’Souza ever had the chance to direct an interview with President Barack Obama, it mi

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Depot Square: No Debt Nor Taxation Without Representation

“Follow the money” seems the appropriate phrase to borrow as I dig deeper into the fact finding regarding Bristol’s most transformative and

Gov. Malloy to Run for 2nd Term

Gov. Dannel Malloy said today that he and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman will run for a second term as governor.

Has a plague already arrived? 205 Americans die each day after acquiring...

Has a plague already arrived? 205 Americans die each day after acquiring superbug hospital infections

Can caffeine really affect your memory?

Can caffeine really affect your memory?

Closing credits: CT sours on movie incentives

[...] when his home state of Connecticut decided to follow a national trend and suspend tax credits for the motion picture industry for the

Economist upbeat about Danbury area

When Don Klepper-Smith asked the nearly 100 attendees at the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce's annual economic forecast breakfast at the