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Te TTillett
Works at Avon Products Inc
Attended School of Hard Knocks
Lives in Hartford County, CT USA
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Te TTillett

G+ General Help  - 
Aargh - I'm using mostly my "page" & it's related email for google play & almost all of my activities... youtube etc
I'm suddenly logged off of all my G+ related my page gmail account that are associated with the page's email account & I'm unable to log in?
I'm in a bit of a panic because the computer had my password in memory & what I think is the password is not working
I can't seem to find the location where I set up the original email for the page in my settings? HELP!!!
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Hi +Te TTillett. If you have forgotten your password or are unable to access your account using because of password-related problems, please use the forgotten password path in the following troubleshooting guide from the Google Accounts Help Center:

If you are still having problems after trying that and you use Gmail on the account involved, please ask for help in the Gmail Product Forum ( because you will find experts in account recovery there who might be able to offer additional assistance.

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Te TTillett

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December is a busy month for most of us… A time of sharing & caring with family & friends but for some it’s also a time of Firsts, the Happy Firsts like Baby’s First Christmas or First Holiday Party in the New Home… But also the sad firsts as families…
December is a busy month for most of us... A time of sharing & caring with family & friends but for some it's also a time of Firsts, the Happy Firsts like Baby's First Christmas or First Ho...
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Te TTillett

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Sadly the pictures for some reason are no longer connected to the original blog post but this blast from the past brings happy memories. How quickly 10+ years has passed, so many things have changed but yet how much has stayed the same… yes I still get…
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Te TTillett

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Ask Questions Then Ponder the Answers

I was watching the people who came in & went into the polling station in Windsor on Tuesday May 12th 2015 It was interesting to see just how many people who showed up to vote actually didn’t even know why they were there & what the answers would mean if…
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Te TTillett

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This is one of those posts both personal & political… A dear friend is going through that mixed emotions of secondary empty nester as her adult son leaves the state.I say secondary because our adult children were already out of our nests but living here…
This is one of those posts both personal & political... A dear friend is going through that mixed emotions of secondary empty nester as her adult son leaves the state.I say secondary because ou...
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Te TTillett

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Planning Session for i84 is Open to the Public
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Te TTillett

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This does not seem to be legitimate so I'm going to post it & I'm sure the wonderful people at Google will chime in if it is in fact "REAL"

Below is a copy & Paste of what came into my email from the below email address

Google Notification Service <>

(The "Google" portion was a picture that did not paste as it looked which was very similar to the new Google Logo)

Google Notification Service

Jordan Begum, Google Team:

Too many messages in your mailbox

^^ End of Copy & Paste ^^*^
The line "Too many messages in your mailbox" was a link which I did not click & do not think has copied & pasted 

I'm of course reporting as Spam - Phishing but wanted to give the heads up about it to folks who might not check the sender of such emails coming in their inbox
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definitely bogus.
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Te TTillett

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#ThankAVeteran for the Freedoms that you have today The men in my family have a military history & all have served in the fight for freedom It makes me feel happy to see the honor paid to our veterans on the holidays The widget below shows some of the…
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Te TTillett

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Woo Hoo it’s National Coffee Day in the USA! A day to celebrate those wonderful little beans which make life better. Have you Celebrated National Coffee Day by getting one of the Free Coffees that are being offered? It’s a day where many places are…
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Te TTillett

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Originally posted on The Construction of our own Tiny House:Hello everyone, Our tiny house is not even finished on the inside yet but it has already visited three different corners of Connecticut – Fairfield, Putnam and Westerly.  Towing it was a lot of…
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Te TTillett

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West Nile Virus is popping up in more towns - be certain to dump out standing water to reduce the number of mosquitoes
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Te TTillett

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This will be cool - StarTrek gets even closer to reality... but when do I get my Jetson's Flying Car?? or Robot Maid named Rosey?
Scientists: CERN Creating Star Trek-like Spaceship Shields Of The Future

CERN has some strange projects coming up, including building spaceship shields to protect astronauts from dangerous radiation.

From Popular Mechanics:
Cosmic rays are one of the gravest threats space agencies have to contend with for any future Mars exploration. Space is a harsh environment full of radiation that’s damaging to life like us. While it didn’t prevent a short-duration spaceflight like the Apollo missions to the moon, sending humans beyond the Earth-Moon system will require us to do a lot more to protect them.


But CERN thinks it can make a ​Star Trek​-like shield system a reality. To that end, scientists there are testing the use of magnesium diboride​ superconducting magnets. The magnets are used in the Large Hadron Collider to create ultra-bright particle beams at a low temperature. Used in spacecraft shielding, they would create a sort of magnetosphere around the craft (likely the Orion capsule), simulating one of the mechanisms that prevents radiation exposure on Earth and in the upper atmosphere. The magnets would be coiled within the body of the craft, surrounding it with an artificial magnetic field.

“The MgB2 superconductor seems to be very well placed to take part in this challenging adventure as, among its many advantages, there is also its ability to operate at higher temperatures (up to about 25 K) thus allowing the spacecraft to have a simplified cryogenic system.,” CERN communications editor Antonella Del Rosso​ said in a post on the idea.

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I Sell Avon & Recruit Independant Avon Sales People
  • Avon Products Inc
    I Sell & Recruit Independant Avon Sales People, present
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    Mom, Wife Grandmother, 2012
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Hartford County, CT USA
NY, CT, PA - NY - DC - NC - PA - CT - CA
Contact Information
641-715-3900 ext 841011#
Avon CT Style Independent Beauty Consultant & Avon Rep Recruiter in CT
Hi World from Hartford County CT

I am a Real Person with varied interests & you will find that I post in a chit chat type of style about things going on around me locally as well as stuff I find on the web. Most people call me by nicknames such as Te, BigMama Te, or my position in life in relationship to the others in my life such as my husband, children & other family members. I am also known out there in cyber world as Avon CT Style in social media & chats

I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother & Grandmother I've lived a small bit of life & seen a few things. I have the tendency to explore new things but always compare them to the old & will go with which ever is easier to use rather than simply going along with the "new is better" mantra that too many people have. 

I own a dumb phone because I do not wish to be saddled with a contract just to have all the bells & whistles that I can do on a computer & I prefer my old Sony Mavica digital camera because it takes better pictures being full sized like an old SLR (used to own a Pentax K1000 until it was stolen) the new digital cameras have tiny screens, move when clicking & my eyes aren't able to read the small print & since I do not see an actual improvement in the pictures I am on the look out for 3.5 disks. 

I love the internet because I have the chance to meet many new people to connect, discuss, share & learn about many old & new ideas & varied interests.  

For the past almost 3 years I've been known as Avon CT Style as I'm establishing my "web presence" on the web. 
If you have any questions I love to interact via chats & social networks. I enjoy being an Avon Products Independent Beauty Consultant because I get to help women & men make their life more BEAUTIFUL both Inside & Out

I love being part of a company that has been helping women to improve their lives for 125 years 1st as a home business then Avon branched out into charity work fighting Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence & other local fund raising opportunities. 

The Speak Out Against Domestic Violence is very near & dear to my heart because I was an abused woman when I was living with my "baby daddy" back in my early 20s back before people had places to go or people to talk to about Domestic Violence. I try to help those who are in that position from my own experiences & I proudly wear my Blue Bracelets in support of the charity program that gives money to Domestic Violence Shelters & Education programs around the world

I'm known to my friends as the Hostess with the Mostest, a friend who will help where I'm able & giver of Wisdom of the Ages - I do like to try out new things especially gadgets & toys

Look me up on Twitter, Miio & say Hi get updates on FaceBook & if you're Local Check out my In Stock Immediate Pick Up Shop 
You can always give me a call at 641-715-3900 ext 841011# & leave me a long clear message

 I only sell stuff that I'll use & buy for myself  & my family so when you see or hear me giving a recommendation it's because I've actually used the product myself & you will find that on my social networks I chit chat about life & family & interactions with my internet friends & you will find that my posts here are majority items for discussion or ponderances about life & questions which I hope to get answers to

Have a Beautiful Day! (0;}
Bragging rights
Bragging Mom Moment (0;} My 2 Adult children are out in the world going to school while working - I'm watching my Baby Genius Grandsons grow up to be a smart young men & now the 3 (Update we're now officially 4) FurBabies, Hubby & I are learning how to enjoy life with the Empty Nest & learning how to do the DIY thing in our new home - I brag about my family because in the end they are all that matter
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  • Academy of Life
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Avon CT Style, Wifey, Mom, Mom-Mom, Mama T, Ms Theresa, CT Avon Lady, TEAsa
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The Planner - Kindle edition by Alexandra Swann, Stefan Swann. Religion ...

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CT has the highest Tax burden in US-Malloy puts CT into a death spiral!

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