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Week 353: Play first then Audition
Weekly Written Review  I started off with a very bad audition on Sunday. For some reason I stressed about it. I got the sides in advance and I didn't want to rehearse so I recorded my voice saying the lines and kept it on repeat for hours. That was an extre...

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Week 352: I Need Switch Intervention
Weekly Written Review  Someone tell Nintendo to stop taking all my money. I purchased two brand new Nintendo Switch games this weekend and a controller pack. No more...for now. At least until July. Splatoon 2 is coming out then. After that I'll take a break...

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Week 351: NOW IS MY TIME
Weekly Written Review  Thursday made exactly a week since I acquired a new agent and on that week mark I got my first audition. Followed by another one on Saturday. NOW IS MY TIME and I'm claiming it. It's as simple as that. I'm ready. I'm making money and ...

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Week 350: It's Harvest Time
Weekly Written Review  One moment I'm laying down absorbing the dullness of the day and suddenly everything changed from one simple email. I got an email from an unknown talent agency. The email was vague without a clear introduction. About two sentences. T...

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Week 349: Let's SWITCH It Up
Weekly Written Review  Since the holidays I've diligently been watching video's about the Switch non-stop on Youtube. Just about everyday. I've been truly enjoying watching.  As a kid I would research the videogames I want and eventually save up enough to b...

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Week 348: The Extention
Weekly Written Review  I got thrown a curveball this week. A good one actually. While my plan to relocate to my friends big mansion failed. I was informed that a enormous fee was paid and as a result there's an extension. Totally wasn't expecting that. What...

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Week 347: Musical Gear Up
Weekly Written Review  I got new found creative inspiration. I'm making plans to become a musician. I'll start off with cover songs and possibly add instruments from there on. Just to prove how serious I'm becoming I took my Harmonica with me that was colle...

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Week 346: Operation It's Getting Real - Move Out
Weekly Written Review  It's getting real in these streets. Or maybe I should say it's getting real in this garage. My place of paradise is closing down and I got to move. The city says so. I got to be gone by the 24th. I got options in place. With better op...

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Week 345: Self Tape Striding
Weekly Written Review  I will standby my original reservations about the audition process. It's a cold, uncomfortable and ridiculous room. On the other hand, I'm picking up some amazing momentum for self submissions. It's working for me. I can't recall the ...

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Week 344: Change of Pace
Weekly Written Review  I missed Tuesday basketball this week and no sports at all on Thursday. A boost of auditions came in and so did a booking from Boost Mobile. If this continues I might have to start playing sports on the weekends. It's a cool change of...
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