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想把小星星 排成愛的圖形 為你的天空 點綴一些驚奇
想把小星星 排成愛的圖形 為你的天空 點綴一些驚奇

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ウィルバー スコヴィル 生诞 151 周年#GoogleDoodle 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Please help me!

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Hello everyone,

I would like to say a great big thanks to all of you for finding this out, for following this issue, for spreading the word, and for making me aware of it. It is a great honor my project has won such a prestigious prise regardless of the circumstances.

This software project was created entirely in my spare time and comprises several remote desktop clients, including bVNC, aRDP, aSPICE, and Opaque. I would like to say that while the multi-touch UI and some other aspects of the software are an original creation of mine, the project has benefitted greatly from work by Michael MacDonald of Antlersoft (, as well as from work done by the team behind TightVNC (, TigerVNC (, Connectbot (, x11vnc (, FreeRDP (, RedHat (, and many other individuals and companies. It is very important for credit to be given when using other people's work, and it is also of great importance to republish source code when distributing software build from GPL source code!

I have written this software for the betterment of everyone and it gives me great joy that people all over the world are finding out about it and finding it useful. I am following this discussion with great interest and once again thank you all!

In case you are interested, appart from the source code and APKs available on github, bVNC, aRDP, aSPICE, and Opaque are available on Google Play, Blackberry World and Amazon App Store.

iordan iordanov


“Direct, Swipe Pan: Swipe to pan around.” (10分24秒平板演示及10分48秒手机演示)
“Establishing handshake Please wait…” (12分21秒手机演示)



现在知道GFW为什么要封锁google了吗?不封锁google,怎么能继续忽悠人啊!不把google scholar封锁个里三层外三层,怎么能继续骗人说自己那国际上没人理的论文是“受到国际重视”呢!


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A new version of TeraCopy is currently being rewritten from scratch. The goal is to make it faster and more extensible. Planned features include:

- Unlimited number of files, keep file list on disk instead of memory.
- Immediate start of copying instead of waiting for calculation of total files size.
- Verify copied files with MD5/SHA-1 instead of CRC32, option to create .md5/.sha file list.
- Show file list as browsable folders, show only failed files.
- One window for multiple file transfer operations.
- “Save bandwidth” mode

TeraCopy 3 beta is expected to be released early next year.

Update from December 7:

The new copy engine is ready and shows a good speed with both large and small files. Testing was done with a single 8 Gb file and 9 000 small files (300kb in size). In both cases speed was on a par or slightly faster than in Windows copy. MD5 hash calculation was on during the large file copy. Small files copying speed improved a lot after disabling Windows Defender.

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While waiting for #openSUSE 13.1 to be released, you can watch a video explaining what does the chameleon say

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