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I don't really know much about reddits, but this is a good reddit.

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The correct response.

China's just raring to not not sic their "unaffiliated and definitely not in Chinese government employ" hackers on any studio making a movie that portrays China in a less-than-awesome light after the amazing success of the NK hackers, I suspect.

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Hey look it's ME again

I have misgivings about the framing format, but the idea popped into my brain and then onto the submission form in a few hours. My experimental new not-slow-as-hell writing style q:

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Oh my goodness gracious, The Master approves!

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Labor questions, hell, classifying a teacher as a minister offends me as a Catholic way before it does as a huge commie*. NEWS FLASH why would you call a non-ordained person a minister if not as a particularly-sleazy way to cheat them out of their benefits??? FYI Jesus is, historically, not terribly cool with cheating your workers. Just, you know, on principle. Little lesson for these supposed men of God.

"Steve Pehanich, senior director for advocacy and education at the California Catholic Conference, likewise said that he considers all teachers as ministers. 'Some might say the most important aspect of a Catholic school is to pass on the faith,' he said."

WHAT. No it isn't, because then that's not a school, that is church or a church activity or whatever  you want to call it. Steve Pehanich should not be the anything of education for anyone.

*this also super-offends me as a huge commie though, rest assured.

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I'm a little curious why Mr. Rogers brought the children from his "house" to a featureless box for this segment. Also, I think I got a contact high from the video.

The preceding statements may have a certain commonality.

Oh right, I have a G+.

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If you want to feel an oppressive, foreboding atmosphere in every episode, then Continuum's your show.

Example that's been stuck in my head since a couple of episodes ago:

When your computer routinely shuts down from overheating, and cleaning/re-applying thermal paste to the processor and heatsink doesn't fix the problem, take a look at your video card! Maybe the fan on that sucker has stopped because it is clogged with dust. Your computer will thank you, or at least blow unhappy-electronic-equipment smells at you, for getting it spinning again.

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Remy I forgot to send you this:
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