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Do you think the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was Self Defense?

This is hands down one of the most complicated self defense cases I have ever heard about or bothered to look into. The sad part is the more I read about it the more I feel like we will never really know the full story about what happened before the gun was fired in this case.

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Gun happy vigilante. Not self defense. No doubt. Cannot +1 your posting. Sorry.
+Steve Meiers thanks for the input...

I want to say its not self defense as well...the only thing that troubles me is Zimmerman saying he was on his way back to his car when Martin confronted him and knocked him to the ground. If that is true then Martin becomes the aggressor...very interesting scenario
Sorry.. I misunderstood then. But maybe you didn't hear about the phone conversation Martin was having at the time. He told his girlfriend he was afraid because he was being stalked by a stranger, who shot him minutes later. Martin was shot by a crazed vigilante for 'walking while black' thru this idiot's turf. Nothing else. This is what happens when every idiot can have a gun.
+Steve Meiers I do know about the phone call. The tricky part is, the friend says the phone call ended with a confrontation between Martin and the person following him. What nobody knows though is whether Zimmerman had caught up with Martin on his way home or if Martin had stopped to confront Zimmerman.

Zimmerman's story is that Martin had "popped up out of nowhere" while Zimmerman was in his way back to the car. Stating that Martin confronted him about being followed. If that turns out to be the case, then at that point Martin becomes the initial aggressor. And thus Zimmerman would have a valid claim for self defense.

The tough part about a case like this though is we will only ever have one side of the story in regards to the final confrontation. So it no longer is a case of self defense. Zimmerman's character and credibility are really what's on trial. He is literally and figuratively going to be JUDGED by a jury of his peers. 
+Richelieu Williams this is a very difficult situation to analyze given that I was not there.  However, for many years I trained in Krav Maga, while I learned how to kill a man with my bare hands, I also learned something much more valuable--return what you've been given.

If you attack me and all you have are your bare hands, all I should come back to you with are my bare hands.  It's only fair.  That's what the Bible meant by an eye for an eye.

But if you come at me with your bare hands, and I return with a knife or gun, I'm returning with more force than is actually needed and in short, I'm a pussy.

I support Stand Your Ground.  I may be a flag waiving uber-gay liberal, but if you cross my threshold uninvited, I will have no problem dropping you.  But Stand Your Ground does not mean chase you down, confront you, and put a few bullets in your chest.
+Kelvin Williams ,

What an insightful comment. And being that you've trained in Krav Maga makes it that much more meaningful.

As far as this case goes, I agree with you that we were not there so we cannot really know whats going on. I can't wait to hear more details as the trial proceeds.

Here's my take...why in the hell would you stop your car and get out if you think you're going to need a gun for what lies ahead?

The reason I ask this question is because of the question that must be answered in favor of the defendant in any case where they are claiming self defense. And that question is are your actions in alignment with the actions of any other reasonable person in that exact same situation provided with the same circumstances?

Yes, I may have have shot Trayvon as well if he had me on my back and was pummeling my face and smashing my head into the concrete as Zimmerman claims he was. But I think where most reasonable people differ is, they would never have gotten out of that car. Especially while on the phone with a dispatcher who is telling them police are on their way.

I would like to think that most reasonable people would have at most continued to keep track of Trayvon by car as best they could. By doing that Trayvon would have been absolutely zero threat to anyone. 
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