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Introducing Mémoire

So here it is, finally after months of developing and changing things several times Memoire (Mémoire) Beta is now available for you to download.

Join the community here :

Memoire is a note taking app, which offers realtime device sync thanks to firebase. Here are few things Memoire has to offer.

- Stories : Take basic notes with or without a cover image, All the notes you save are encrypted using AESCrypt.

- Vault : If you want to save some sensitive notes like addresses or some other details you can use Vault which has option to lock the notes using Fingerprint or Password

- Todo : Create ToDo lists and set due dates to get notified

- Links : Save website or article links to quickly view them in the app

Thanks to +Naman Rastogi for making the App icon and other illustrations in the app.

Thanks to +Eduardo Pratti for giving me all the suggestions regarding UI/UX. He helped me a lot to make Memoire look this beautiful

and lot of other people who have helped me from starting +Travis Hall, +Patrick J, +Maximilian Keppeler, +Tom Wellington thanks to everyone of you

I hope everyone like the app , Feel free to +1 and Reshare
WARNING : Since this is a beta (A early beta), even though I have fixed known bugs and issues there may be some issues with the app that I am not aware of. So please give me feedback on such issues.
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A new QD update is live! After the feedback received, I've decided to change the masking style to a more neutral and simple style similar to how Google mask some of their icons. Also, masking should be fixed in Action Launcher now, please let me know if you are still experiencing issues with this.

Grab the icon pack here:

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A collaboration between myself and +Naman Rastogi! Naman was a great help and I recommend working with him if you need a custom icon made.

Check it out:

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IconShowcase v. is live!

The most featured dashboard for icon packs is back!
(In case you don't know IconShowcase check the info here: )

For the last 4 months, we (+Allan W​  and me, with a little help from +Patrick J​  and +Krystian Drożdżyński​ ) have been working on a huge update for IconShowcase.

With this update many things have changed in favor of better performance and stability. Therefore, many things had to be re-written and some are broken yet. But with broken, I don't mean the app will not work fine. I just mean some functions have been disabled for now.

So consider this update a kinda beta update. Anyways, about 98% of what you already know from IconShowcase, is still working as expected.

Why did I release it with some broken things?
Well, a new dashboard has "joined the game", so I must go a step forward.
Also, many of you (IconShowcase users) have been patiently waiting all this time for an update, and it was about time.

Ok, I'd like to update but would like to know exactly what's broken...
Well, just:
- icon requests time limit.
- notification options (disable, led, sound, vibration).
- there's a crash when rotating device. But it happens randomly.

When will these things get fixed?
Maybe in 1 month or so. Can't really tell an ETA. I'm currently finishing my semester, so I have many exams and works to do. As soon as it's finished, I'll work as hard as possible to fix those things really quick.

Too big to list it here, so check it there:

How to update?
Just follow the steps here:

Download sample app

Support my works
If you like what I do, or my projects have helped you in any way...

+1s and reshares are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance. 😊🙂

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KMZ 3.2 - The Gradle Build Update! [ANNOUNCEMENT POST]


• 29 new icons.
• Several apps had their icons updated.
• One Google Maps variant, requested by +Sergio Lopez.
• Lots of activity fixes, including those sent by +Valerio Marchioro.
• New round icon for 7.1 devices using Pixel Launcher.

Once again, using the "Email the developer" button inside KMZ is the best way to get in touch with me, for bug fixes and secondary icon requests, such as color variants and possible redesigns.

Hope you all like it!



Happy Birthday +Jovie Brett Bardoles  (/¯–‿・)/¯

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An amazing Icon by the one and only +Naman Rastogi​.


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not so fancy promotion
Hey, I'm still available for app icon (android) works-- just sent me a hangouts message if you need help 😊✌️
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