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i have 03 ford windstar . ABS and Brake light come on while driving , but when i restart the engine , those light went off. please help to fix the issue . Thanks Scott

I have the toyota solara 07, the second piston compression is 120 PSI , the others three are the same 160 PSI.  can  this second low piston compression cause code P0171? Please help!

I have toyota solara 07'   4 cyl  .  I have 02 codes which come up are P0171 ( which jump up first ) then drive test about 10 miles it cause extra P0441) . I believe the main problem is "Code P0171". Here is the freeze frame data , please help me to find out what is the problem :

Trouble code    P0171
that cause freeze frame

ABSLT TPS                          15.3%
( Throttle position)
Engine Speed                     798 RPM
Baro PRS                             29.2”HG
( Barometric pressure)
 CalC Load                          29.4%
(calculated engine load)
MAF                                     0.41LB/M ( Mass Airflow sensor)
Coolant                               178 DegF( Engine Coolant temp)
IAT                                       46DegF ( Intake Air Temp)
IGN ADV                             10.0 Deg
( Ignition timing advance)
ST FTRM1                           19.5%
( Short term fuel trim bank 1)
LT FTRM1                           30.5%
( long term fuel trim bank1)
VEH Speed                            0 
ABS load                             16.1%
( Absolute load value)
Fuel System 1                    Closed
Fuel system 2                     N/A
Throt CMD                         15.3%
( Commanded throttle Actuator control)
ABS TPS B                           46.7%
( Throttle position B)
ACC POS D                          14.9%
(Acclerator Pedal Position D)
ACC POS E                          31.4%
CAT TEMP11                      1242 DegF
(catalic converter temp bank1)
CAT TEMP12                      1070 DegF          
(catalic converter temp bank3)
EVAP PURGE                      0.0%
(Commanded EVAP Purge)
EVAP VPA                           401.8H20
( Absolute EVAP Vapor Pressure)
CMD EQ RAT                      0.997
(Commanded Equivalence Ratio ( Rich / Lean)
02S B1S2                             0.035V
( O2 sensor Bank 1 , Sensor2)
02SB1S1                              3.427V
O2S B1S1                            0.078mA
( O2 sensor bank1, sensor1)
Eq Rat B1S1                       1.033
( Equiv Ratio Bank1, Sensor1)
VPWR                                  14.003V
(Control module voltage)
 Appreciate for your help!
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