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Jun Long Xing
to conjure imaginations into reality
to conjure imaginations into reality

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Tolong pre-registrasi dulu untuk mengikuti MeetUp kita Jumat ini ya, teman-teman. 
Hatur nuhun !

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Bro +Yansen Kamto, actively contributing to the tech scene in the country :) #startup   #indonesia  

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Google Nexus Event 2015. Live now ! 

Happy birthday mas +Danton Prabawanto​ !

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We are blessed :)

Thank you for all the love and support from our whole +Jotter Production team and +PiPoYa fans. It's all because of you that we won, and this award IS for you.

This is a milestone we won't forget and a reminder that we need-we will work harder to make this local IP better and better.
I hope what we have achieved and will achieve, can make you all the local Indonesian creators proud. Yes, we can make good things happen !

Stay creative. Entertainment balances us from the dull-boring-confused world. Become an inspiration for someone close to you and all other people in the world. Create, entertain and inspire - that is our mission.

Cheers !

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An in-depth look at the new Google brand identity. 
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""Like any new logo, Google’s latest creation will look odd for the first minute or so. But all you have to do is go back and look at the old—OK, yesterday’s—sans serif logo to see, yeah, it really was time for an update."

Exactly what in my mind ! :)
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