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12251 S Strang Line Rd Olathe, KS 66062
12251 South Strang Line RoadUSKansasOlathe66062
(913) 764-1471
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"Oh and the Mold. Plan on wiping down the AC unit at least once every day."
"Location is a huge plus, you're literally right next to everything."
"...the Black Mold problem was and how dangerous it was and decided to leave."
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Sam Adams's profile photo
Sam Adams
a year ago
I rented here for 9 months and had issues with: Bugs, Maintenance, A/C, plumbing, and we even had a black mold problem which finally forced us to move out. Outside of the fact that the office staff was trying to steal from me by depositing my checks and then saying I owed late fees and the fact that they taped my personal check to my door in the middle of the day (which I only found out because someone who took it tried to cash it) The overall experience was the worst I have ever encountered. Children in the complex use the public washing machines and dryers as bathrooms and ruin your laundry, we even had a fire in the next building over from a bad wire connection! After 9 months of these problems we finally found out how bad the Black Mold problem was and how dangerous it was and decided to leave. Almost a year later I got a call from a collection agency stating that we owed almost $4,000! We only had 3 months left on our lease for $560 a month! Even if I was willing to pay this ridiculous complex for the remaining three months we had on our contract that is less than HALF of what they are asking. DO NOT RENT HERE! BUYER BEWARE! WORST COMMUNITY IN KC!
• • •
Nick Francis's profile photo
Nick Francis
a year ago
Maintenance sucks;
A Google User
5 years ago
This place sucks. I am okay with a mediocre apartment but this is beyond that. The a/c doesnt help at all. It is so hot especially during the summer; unbearable. The quality of doors and terrible, the screen door is all bent and falls off the hinges. The quality of all basically everything inside is just terrible. The only upside is that the staff is actually pretty nice. I would not recommend this place to anyone.
A Google User
2 years ago
I only give it a second star because it's fairly cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. Let's just say that it attracts the type of people you would never otherwise be neighbors with. Aside from the many problems (outlets not working, hot water for only one shower, cabinets and cupboards old and broken, dryer takes two cycles to dry clothes, etc...), the management is where my complaint is. I am having to move out of the state due to my job, and they have proven that they only care about money, rather than people. I was told that I would have to give my 60 days (pay 2 more months) AND pay the $1,200 early termination fee and that there was nothing they could do to waive any of the costs. To top it off, when I was told there was no room to budge on that, I was also told that they felt bad and that they even had to charge someone who was moving into a hospice as he was dying of AIDS. Management told me this. Really? If customer service is important to you, don't move here.
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Alan Wildcat's profile photo
Alan Wildcat
a year ago
"You get what you pay for" - that sums up these apartments to the core. My story: I moved here after I graduated from college. Not from KC, so didn't know what the good/bad places were, and had a poor knowledge of the area. I had just found a decent paying job when I moved here, and when I found these apts I thought the price was very reasonable for Johnson Co. and the location seemed good too. That's it, that's what drew me in. Here we go.. The cheap rent attracts a VERY particular demographic.. It is not uncommon to find police cars in the parking lot responding to a call from these apartments. Many undesirables live here and makes it feel rather unsafe. The laundry machines are located in the basements and one time I went down to use it, all of the w/d's had been broken into and the part where you put in quarters was torn open and wires were ripped out everywhere. (thieves) I was told this had happened to many of the w/d units in the complex when I informed mgmt. about this. And once I was awoken to heavy footsteps outside of my apartment. I look out of my door and see EMT's going into my neighbors apartment, and then taking him out on a stretcher. I later found out he had OD'd on some drugs. The same guy's wife/gf/baby momma would often ask to borrow various condiments from me on several occasions.. AC problems... First off, the wall AC's suck. It's the cheap motel styled- on/off, hot/cold/fan, high/low type of deal. They cool the living room okay since that's where they push all the air, but it's attached to the bedroom wall with a little tiny vent in the br wall where the AC is that's supposed to push air into the bedroom, but you can hardly feel a thing. Bedroom gets super hot in the summer. Oh and the Mold. Plan on wiping down the AC unit at least once every day. Mgmt even tells you the same thing! And even gives you this info-type pamphlet deal on mold spores. Sure enough mold starts to grow all over the ac unit. I got sick so much while living there and I blame the mold. Disgusting. Pluses - The layout of the apartments are very boring, but offer a lot of sq ft, so the $ per sq ft is good. The pond is nice, and I like how the pool sits open on the backside to where you can walk straight to the pond. An entire flock of geese reside here which is cool too, except for when they are crossing the street, they could care less how much you honk at them to move, they take their precious time. I had a good experience with the mgmt., they were very nice and friendly to me, never had any problems or concerns with them. Location is a huge plus, you're literally right next to everything. Overall, these apartments are pretty subpar. The location is great, they are super cheap, offer very good floor space, but you will feel like you are living in the 'hood', Johnson County or not. If you can deal with that, and the mold and, then these aren't a bad place to live, especially if you're just starting off. I lived here for a year but would not recommend these apartments unless you can't afford anything else.
• • •
A Google User
3 years ago
Here we go: The electrical outlets are NOT attached to the wall, when we unplug things the entire socket comes out! Then there's the AC/Heater, which is a wall-unit which has RECURRING BLACK MOLD. The pest control comes about every 3/4 months and I thought it was very astute of the management but we hadn't moved the bed frame in and we were sleeping on the floor surrounded by boxes and when they inquired more than twice about how many people were living with us they definitely are more like a spy for management with the way they look around and ask so many questions! There are cops here a lot, staring like they're waiting for something/someone, which makes you feel safe and very unsafe at the same time. Something EXTREMELY inconvenient is the laundry room, I've had people take my clothes out of the dryer (like, still HOT, not sitting there forever) and the door is propped open by a chair but when it moves slightly, the door locks, there's no key and management screwed the window shut. I can never do my laundry because this happens so often! The last thing I have a problem with that wasn't a problem until I moved in is the size of the kitchen. I should have known better if you can't open the fridge and dishwasher more than a few inches at the same time, there is no ROOM for anything, the drawers fall off the runners and the vent fan doesn't vent. There's a cold draft under the sink where management put NEWSPAPER and DUCT TAPE then painted over a huge gaping hole, like they hoped no one would notice... I could go on but I think you get the gist. I know apartments suck, but this is just all too much for me on my first apartment.
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
My husband and I were looking for a basic, inexpensive apartment and we found it in Jefferson Place. When we did our preliminary walk through after signing the lease, we did find some areas that needed attention (the bathroom wasn't cleaned thoroughly, the drawers in the kitchen weren't on the tracks properly, the AC unit needed paint). When we turned in the evaluation, we made them aware of these issues and they were addressed that day. Every maintenance need we turned in after was handled with prompt care. The ladies in the office were friendly and accommodating. If you're looking for a luxury apartment with lots of amenities, this is not the place for you. They are clearly old apartments, NOTHING fancy. But, if you're looking for somewhere to save money and live in a safe, clean (not sure what others are addressing), solid, good-sized apartment, we don't think you'll find anything better for the price. We were happy enough we referred our best friends (who still happily live there) and, if we need to live in an apt in that area again, we would definitely choose JP.
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
This place appeared great when I first looked at it. After living here I have come to find that the staff is terrible and could care less about the residents, the maintenance doesn't fix anything right, and everything is falling apart! I can understand that the location is pretty ideal and the price is cheap but please oh please rethink your decision to move here. Go down the street. You will find a way better place.