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Schane Johnson
Seeker of Grace. Photographer. Missionary.
Seeker of Grace. Photographer. Missionary.

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As I walked out into the darkness outside my friend's house, I almost stumbled over the form of a young teenage boy sitting on the steps. I must've looked a bit startled, as he quickly explained he needed a ride just down the road - could I give him one?  A...

"If we would not be misled by error and falsehood, the heart must be preoccupied with the truth. The Word of God will furnish the mind with weapons of divine power, to vanquish the enemy." --The Faith I Live By, Page 8.

Preoccupied. I like that...

"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." --Joshua 1:9

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First flight with my drone! 

"The voice which spoke to Jesus says to every believing soul, This is My beloved child, in whom I am well pleased...." -The Faith I Live By, Page 144

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The adventure mobile. Where will it go this time? ‪#‎sabbath‬ ‪#‎subaru‬‪#‎getoutside‬

Funny but so incredibly true. I have to share this stuff guys - it's powerful!

"Our Saviour wants you to keep in close relation to Himself, that He may make you happy... But, you say, if I could only know that He is my Saviour! Well, what kind of evidence do you want? Do you want a special feeling or emotion to prove that Christ is yours? Is this more reliable than pure faith in God's promises? Would it not be better to take the blessed promises of God and apply them to yourself, bearing your whole weight upon them? This is faith."
--FLB 123.5

"He who simply takes God at His word, and reaches out to connect himself with the Saviour, will receive His blessing in return." -The Faith I Live By, pg. 122

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Had a great weekend! So nice to get out and explore with some of my extended Ouachita family.
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"We are not to be anxious about what Christ and God think of us, but about what God thinks of Christ, our Substitute." -- The Faith I Live By, Page 113
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