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Week Timeline On our last day of our first week in the Foundation, we were asked to create a quick list of what we had been doing for the whole week; what we had been working on during our first week, what was the theme we related everything to, the visits ...

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Day 3 The task
was to create our own story (Beginning, Middle, End) We had to
lay it out and explain our story to our critique group, each of us commenting
on the stories and giving new ideas to improve the stories. I was not
happy with my final outcome, as...

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Day 2 On our
second day of Lens Based Media, we were introduced to the construction of a
story: Beginning Middle End All stories
are about change. The beginning is a setting of the ordinary world in which the
character lives. Then comes the problem (it is a...

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Lens Based Media Day 1 On our
first day for Lens Based Media, we where asked to bring beforehand photographs
of our environment. From these
photographs we were asked to choose one and draw it on an A1. The
photograph I chose is a picture of a building that ...

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Day 3 The third day
activity was initially to create a structure made from spaghetti using a glue
gun that would hold 3 balls (not touching each other). Before we
started creating the structure, we had to draw several designs in our
sketchbook, of al the di...

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Day 2 Our
following task given on the second day for 3D design was to build a bride. Using one
structure I had created for the Fashion and Textiles rotation week I was
inspired by its geometrical lines, and thought of designing a bridge that would
apply the...

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3DD Day 1 On our
first day for 3D Design during the rotation week, we were introduced into a
different way of designing. During the
first session we purely worked on a 2D basis, but we were teached in a
practical way how we can design starting from one conc...

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Day 3 On our last
day for Fashion and Textiles, our final task was to create a paper garment
choosing one of our designs. Using all
the work done previously we had to create our final piece which would reflect
all of our work done so far. I chose as
my fina...

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Day 2 Using the
structures, patterns and textures created during the previous day, we were
asked to create collages on top on magazine images of models. The
activity given was quite challenging for me, as I had never worked before using
an image from a maga...

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Fashion and Textiles Day 1 For our
first day in the Fashion and textiles rotation week, we were asked to create
samples of structures, patterns and textures using paper as the main material. The
following images are the results from my experimentation with ...
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