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To revive Bold for Delphi is one of the most voted things in old quality central. Consider to also vote on this new one.

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New QC issue
Just made new issue in Embarcadero quality central This is basically a clone of old issue on with 310 votes. Please continue vote on issue and sign my petitio...

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Old paper found Good intro to Bold for Delphi

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I use VmWare Workstation with latest version of Windows 10 as host and guest. In the vm I run Delphi IDE and application. Disadvantage is that much diskspace is wasted.

Is is possible replace VmWare Workstation with Docker for a more lightweight solution ? See

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Are you interested in ORM? Have big business application that needs simplifications. Then Bold may suit you.

Help me make it available please!

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Help me to make Bold open source project!
About 4 years ago I started this petition  to make Bold open source.  Right now there is 278 supporters. What is Bold It is an ORM framework founded by a...

What is the easiest way to update Delphi Starter edition to latest ?
I have Delphi 10.1 Berlin Version 24.0.22858.6822 

We have a repository with an error in a folder BoldScala

Developer@Delphi2007Win7x64VM MINGW64 /c/Attracs/Attracs-Online (master)
$ git ls-tree 289c173344e197ddbf677bc72298d1f7c8f00290
100644 blob 6b9f234c2d2eddf61a86a468ec7827642b115276 .gitignore
100644 blob 575685c96770f56e66aeacdc0c80a44930d16f85 .gitmodules
160000 commit 9b002c9e97d4b49bde81165ea5b4dec4961fe0ca BoldScala
040000 tree 06edf3b5a0bea23f9ca03fa6796bca980addbfc8 Build
040000 tree 0e969f858a713954e4da9f3ab19d5d8a8069b002 Components
040000 tree 8befc03643160917e171d689e941bebb8849ff95 DbViews
040000 tree ab4f4f930c63ba7971bfd4f884329ab1fb5aa058 IniFiles
100644 blob acdb706355de2c81a418a8613f58917242d0aa68
040000 tree 71329a47fe0dfafa5c292fc5afe251d9c26321e2 Utils
040000 tree e22d4f834b90f976b383f795049750c6a56185dc XmlSchemas
040000 tree f1b4036fc9fc10c360c8443538d0189b0c45ac28 client
040000 tree 568d17d4081987c8c4adbff91f9e720b4c164546 repository
040000 tree 123f22dae84b8ad129fc2a17e5e17da97de3b466 server
040000 tree 2966270401ccb2eae02c7a365f431afb6b5564b0 units

Developer@Delphi2007Win7x64VM MINGW64 /c/Attracs/Attracs-Online (master)
$ git ls-tree 9b002c9e97d4b49bde81165ea5b4dec4961fe0ca
fatal: not a tree object

How can this be fixed?

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I saw that the petition for Bold was closed so I reopened it on
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