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here is my little experiment that i've been running for a while, it was my first time using node about 6 months ago.. so i built a small project that so far, has needed quite some maintinance and work arounds for sina as they kept cutting my access off.. lets see what they do this time as i've just implemented their oauth2 without authentication :D

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+Ricky Ng-Adam i think Adafruit Industries would like lophilo
Adafruit Pi Platter for +Raspberry Pi

NEW PRODUCT – Adafruit Pi Platter for Raspberry Pi. By popular demand! We will now have a Pi platter available (soon, this is the sign up page). Acrylic plate is engraved and cut here at the Adafruit factory. There are mounting clips for your Raspberry Pi and a space that fits a FULL sized breadboard very nicely. This is the sign up page, we’re doing some tweaks to the design and will have them in the store shortly.

Another wonderful creation designed by +Phillip Burgess

#raspberrypi  +Raspberry Pi 

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i likes it!

My friend sent me this via text.

#numbers #words #figureitout
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