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Being a Single Woman (in medicine)
Disclaimer: I can only speak of my experiences and those people have shared with me.  "You need someone to share your life with". Is a common remark people say to me. It comes in many different wordings, from many different mouths, and with many different i...

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Surgery is Terrifying
The world of the operating room is clouded in mystery to the general population; leaving a lot of room for imagination, dramatisation, and fear. Surgery is scary for patients. To them they see people being wheeled into the OR on Grey's only to have three ma...

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Using a wall to itch my face and other jaunts in surgery
Surgery, oh Surgery. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You wake me up before dawn and lay me down to sleep long after sunset. You stole me from my old lover; sleep. I forget what day light looks like; I assume more yellow? Are there more people out...

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Exams! Clinicals! White coats! OH MY!
Hello, internet. I'm coming to you from y distance above the x horizontal. And for those of you who hated algebra as much as me, I'm in a plane. ... there are so few good algebra puns these days. I'm en route home from st Maarten, I know what you're thinkin...

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Where I'm going and where my hands have been
I did not forget I have a blog! Well... I did... but then I remembered and here we are. You know I can't lie to you, internet. Things are happening! I'm in my last semester on the island and that means I'm 50% closer to being a doctor and having a fancy car...

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Holy crap, I'm going to be a doctor. No, like, REALLY.
There's a professor here who always says this is the semester students realize they're actually going to be real life, white coat wearing, stethoscope listening, prescription writing doctors. Let me tell you, she is not lying. I added the imagery for you gu...

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The opposite of grown up = med student
Hello internet! It's been a while. A lot has happened in the (insert amount of days since last post)! No, I did not get that off of a google search for "generic blog openers" although, I'm thinking of selling it - it's gold. Anyway... a lot HAS happened sin...

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Planned Parenthood
I stand with planned parenthood because every person
deserves the right to autonomous, private, and non-judgmental healthcare. I
understand that people believe abortion is wrong and I have no qualms with
that. You are allowed to believe every single belief ...

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I spend a lot of time staring at a blank blog post wondering what I'm going to write about. Then sometimes I write about how I have nothing to write about and then somehow, something magical happens and I think of something I can write about. I then delete ...

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I went to the hospital!
Lola was kind enough to keep me company on the floor all morning  I'm finally a full "island dweller" - I had to use island medical services. I highly recommend it. (I'm lying). Let's set the scene: It's 11:00 in the morning the day before block exams and m...
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