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It is rare to see an advocate of economic liberalism. And I mean liberalism not that neoliberal bullshit.

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How to abuse copyright claims for censorship and better search-ranking.

I am a little astound that google still not punish people for false copyright claims. Google really has to do something about the issue, its becoming more and more common.

This video is no longer available: The Day One Garry's Incident Incident

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Google Glasses, best glasses.
It is unfortunately that they are currently given out to U.S. residents only.

They would be so useful for our Pen&Paper Hangouts and for our hema training, and for the bike trips once the snow as melted and for #ingress , for looking up stuff on the fly, as extra screen estate, to show samples of the real thing when creating artworks, sketches, it would be great for HOWTOs, and just so much more. Damnit now I really want some. 

Possibilities are endless, how about the limitations of the system? Waterproofed? Shockproofed, sandproofed, snowproofed, iceproofed, sunproofed, battery life, etc? 

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Ein Starkes Stück Zensur mitten in Europa. 
Hoffentlich ist man als Tourist nicht auch bald in Gefahr, wenn man die falschen Fotos macht.


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Tyler DeWitt: Hey science teachers -- make it fun

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What went wrong in my math education at school, and most likely in your as well. (Well, I was lucky, not all fun was killed, but it could have been so much more fun.)

A precis description how school math kills the fun out of it. I recommend anyone the long but witty lament.  

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The way it should be done.

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Lets see if this will be a paper tiger ...

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Start Price 38$, shortly after at 42$ and now even with morgan stanley buying at 33$

Surprise, surprise.
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