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Home Sweet Homestay
              Apropos of
the connectivity of our world today, I booked a home stay with a Quechua family
in Ecuador through Airbnb. From my first-world home on Sullivan’s Island ,
it seemed like a soft adventure for solo travel and a good way to practice

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Dominica, the Nature Island
Link to my story about this island that's the least visited and most natural in the Caribbean.

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Lock it Up!
            It was a
surreal image:  our pontoon boat floating
76 feet above the Tail Race Canal on a wall of water held in place by the Pinopolis Dam’s massive metal
doors.   In the next 20 minutes, six million gallons of
water drained to lower us from Lak...

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lock trip
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World-Wide Free Tours
                         I really
should have known about this already.  On
the last day of my month-long trip to Ecuador ,
I had one day to explore Quito .
The sprawling UNESCO World Heritage city confused me.  Where to begin? Googling among the many tours...

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Ecuador Walking Tour
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Eat With An Local
Provided by EatWith Provided by EatWith       My best travel memories are the times I’ve connected with locals: tea at an Arab home in Jerusalem, being a house guest in Peru, joining a camping group in France…Making friends, not just photographs. The burge...

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Where Did They Come Up With That?
            When Thomas
Edison needed ideas for his brilliant inventions, he dozed with ball bearings
in each hand and pie plates at his feet. 
As his fists unclenched, the balls crashed, awakening him to write down
what he was thinking at that instant. How...

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Spoleto 2017
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