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Totally not a Googler, but my collection is
Totally not a Googler, but my collection is

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As a CBP 2nd gen i5 Laurent can anyone tell me what's the point in this new device?

Sure it's thinner but from what I'm hearing the Pen is pretty redundant like most stylus on laptops except for sp3cific software needs.

It has less connectivity ports and the hardware is just as overkill as the 2nd gen devices.

Can you open it with one hand ?

What happened to this community ? It's full of hundreds of nothing posts, I know people are excited about stuff but reposting Instagram's and quite badbfannart and just plain rubbish. . . . Does anyone moderate this ?

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For those with the Moisture charging problem I have isolated the issue down to the Dalvik code that controls the UI message to be prompted.

I have posted my findings in this XDA devs thread, let me know if this helps please i have tested this on a rooted device running TWRP and not with the stock recovery !

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Factory reset / safe mode/ 2 different stock images / ROOTED and tested 3 Roms and this still shows up.

God Samsung if it's not fire it's imaginary water even though it's not been near water but sat in a official Samsung case for a month.

Whyyyyyyyyyyy !

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Does anyone here have a Nexus 6 in white for sale ?

I'm not fussed about the storage size, I'm located in the UK .


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Ah the pixel phone gets worse every update, first .Y scanner is about 50/50 after adding each index finger twice and now this happens when you attempt to re do them.

I'm getting more and more annoyed with Google's stuff as each day goes by, I want my 6P back these pixels are shit !

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Yawn, if your dumb enough to download from other stores / random apk files because your a cheap skate you deserve to be hacked

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The case of Google is almost ready to move house !

Just fits !!!!

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Google home works fine in the UK, set your device to UK ( US) language and set it up and away you go !
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