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Alexis Adler
Photograph by Alexis Adler Basquiat in the apartment, 1981. I'd never heard of Alexis Adler until today, after learning about her photos that she'd taken of Jean-Michel Basquiat when they lived together as a couple before he'd become the art star that he wa...

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The Queen of Pentacles - Who's Happy?
I'd love to be or even feel like the Queen of Pentacles today but I'm not sure I'm any where near feeling like her right now. Oh sure on an intellectual level, I really identify with all her glorious attributes and I aspire to them daily. She's stead fast, ...

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Our Authentic Heart
Margot Sluytman with Glen Flett, the man who killed her father Margot Sluytman when she talks about the authenticity of heart, it deeply resonates with me in many ways. It releases me from obligation and allows me to exercise my free will. I believe the Cre...

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J.D. Ormond and The Sunshine Band
J.D. and The Sunshine Band Listening to the news can be depressing. There just aren't enough good stories, very few for that matter.  Last nightI learned about a great story, while listening to My Play List on CBC Radio,  Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland ...

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Five of Wands - Friends Help You Fight the Dragon
 Fightin' the dragon are the words that immediately come to my mind after drawing the Five of Wands this morning.  I thank God I know I don't have to fight that dragon alone , unless I choose to do so or for what ever reasons I just can't seem to reach out ...

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International Women's Day - Chimanda Ngozi Adichie
Words can often be limiting in describing ideas, philosophy, people, places and things. Judgement can come quickly when we place labels on ourselves or on others, as we attempt to define recognizable markers of who we are and what we stand for or against. I...

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Wheel of Fortune - To Everything There is a Season
I compare life to a garden. Both gardening and life are about growing and learning . As the gardener. I have to make sure I've well prepared soil, sowing fertile seeds that can help one another to grow. Then I must tend to my garden regularly by attentively...

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Thaddeus Holownia - The Man with the Steel Glasses with the Steel Glassesses
Thaddeus Holownia wears
striking steel glasses for a practical reason. They don't break if he
falls asleep before taking them off. (TED PRITCHARD / Local Xpress) The only thing I regret about being one of the thousands of Thaddeus Holownia's students, is ...

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The Hanged Man - Patience is a Virtue
 I remember the first time I saw this card. A friend of mine who was a Tarot reader did a reading for me, and was my first exposure to Tarot cards. I was left with the impression that things did not look good when The Hanged Man appeared in the spread. It r...

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Nadya Kiwanibens - Horace Poolaw - Photographers
Nadya Kiwanibens is Anishinaabe and French from Anishinaabe/ Ojibwe from the Animakee Wa Zhing First Nation (formerly Northwest Angle #37) in northwestern Ontario. Horace Poolaw (Kiowa), posing for a photo
during his work as an arts and crafts supervisor. ...
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