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Macau Capital Investments, Inc. (MCIM: OTCPK) announces plans to launch a $50 Million ICO (Initial Coin Offering) via Private Placement to raise capital for growth and acquisitions in the solid waste and medical waste marketplace. The digital tokens or custom coins known as cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin and Ether) will be offered via the ethereum platform. MCIM token creation is a limited token creation event, which begins its Pre-sale at or around the Ethereum block mined soonest after 10:00:00 EST on July 30th, 2018 through August 30th, 2018, and ICO Token sale begins August 31st, 2018 and ends September 30th, 2018. Ethereum can be contributed to a smart contract or address for an initial period. You may follow the token raise via etherscan: Token symbol: MCIM +Front Page Stocks +Investors in People

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$TNTY News! True Nature Holding Puts Focus on Pets and Vets With New Product Set "Simple HIPAA for Vets and Pets" via @ldmicro +Front Page Stocks

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$EPAZ Epazz EnergyVIEW software application will use blockchain managed energy data at the wastewater facility

Management Software Installed at Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Facilities Will be Upgraded Using Blockchain Technology to Manage Energy Consumption

CHICAGO, July 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Epazz, Inc (OTC: EPAZ ), a leading provider of blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, announced today that the company’s EnergyVIEW Wastewater Treatment Facility Software is being upgraded with blockchain technology. EnergyVIEW is an important automation component of Integrated Plant Management and Control systems.

Managing operations, laboratory, maintenance and regulatory data at Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Facility originally involved repetitive and time consuming manual data entry. Many Wisconsin facilities were already using the IPMC MaintenanceVIEW and ReportVIEW solutions when a plant energy management project was proposed. The EnergyVIEW software application will use blockchain managed energy data at the wastewater facility. Blockchain uses a distributed ledger that demands accountability and accuracy, which prevents data tampering. The company is in the development process of upgrading EnergyVIEW. The customers will receive the upgrade as part of their annual subscription and support agreements.

The energy efficiency improvements recently completed at the facility included the addition of instrumentation, high efficiency motors, variable frequency drives and EnergyVIEW energy management software. The software is configured with metering at each motor control center in the facility. Real-time and historical data is displayed and collected that will be submitted to a distributed ledger. EnergyVIEW provides smart energy metering and power measurement to accurately measure, store, and analyze energy data. Additional manual data on other energy sources is part of the same energy management application. The combination of metering hardware and software provides an end-to-end solution from real-time measurement to audits of the utility bills. The EnergyVIEW application improves the speed and quality of energy measurement information, so that the facility staff will be able to make better management decisions, conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

The EnergyVIEW program continuously collects data for processes, maintenance and energy data and stores it in central SQL databases. The system provides an engineering database with minimum, maximum, average and total statistical data, plus operational data for reporting. Administrative access provides the ability to create energy billing audit reports. The maintenance staff can use the system data for predictive maintenance reports and forensic analysis. Blockchain protects data input and output.

IPMC and EnergyVIEW are important tools to help facility staff verify and document the efficient operation of the Wastewater Facilities.

“There are hundreds of applications in which Blockchain can enhance our current cloud business solutions, as we upgrade our software programs we are creating new technologies,” said Shaun Passley, PhD, CEO of Epazz, Inc.

About Epazz, Inc. (

Epazz, Inc. specializes in enterprise cryptocurrency blockchain mobile apps and cloud business process software with over 500 repeat customers. New Bitcoin Mobile app is a financial technology company that offers a unique Bitcoin payment mobile app software, allowing consumers to acquire Bitcoin at the point of sale. The consumer can then use the cryptocurrency or digital currency to make a purchase at the store with ease. Epazz technology makes it easy to convert legacy systems into cloud business process software, for which the company then charges an annual subscription fee. Epazz has acquired eleven software companies that have converted or are in the process of converting their legacy software products to cloud software using Epazz’s technology. Epazz then markets the new cloud-based solutions to new and existing customers.


“Safe Harbor” statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Certain statements contained in this press release are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements can generally be identified by their use of forward-looking statements such as “may,” “expect,” “intend,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe” and “continue" (or the negative thereof) or similar terminology. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from future results or those implied by such forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that any forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and that actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by such forward-looking statements. Epazz, Inc. assumes no obligation and has no intention of updating these forward-looking statements, and it has no obligation to update or correct information prepared by third parties that is not paid for by Epazz, Inc. Investors are encouraged to review Epazz, Inc.’s public filings on and, including its unaudited and audited financial statements as well as its Form 10-Ks and Form 10-Qs, which contain general business information about the company's operations, results of operations and risks associated with the company and its operations.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact:
Investor Relations
(312) 955-8161 +Epazz
Epazz Inc. EPAZ Post # 40035
Epazz Inc. EPAZ Post # 40035

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$OLBG The OmniCommerce platform made for you! Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, ShopFast has you covered. The OLB Group | On Line Business.. Trades on the OTC! +FrontPageStocks

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Epazz targets blockchain fantasy sport patent
25 June 2018
Epazz has filed for a provisional patent for a blockchain fantasy sports gambling solution in the US.

The company, which specialises in blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, said the move comes in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on sports betting.

Epazz said that as this decision resulted in fifty separate state laws, the average individual will not have time to look up each state law to determine if they are in compliance.

Part of the application focuses on compliance management and verification of available funds, with the company’s ZenaPay solution to verify all user details before they can make a transaction.

The transaction will be run through the Ether network and posted on the user’s profile.

Shaun Passley, chief executive of Epazz, said: “We are able to reuse our technology in multiple different blockchain applications.

“We believe we need to create a primary mobile application that has robust functionality; the user will be able to select which functions he or she wants.

“This business model allows us to decrease our customer acquisition cost and build a user community as we develop and acquire new apps.”

Related article: GSA seeks to integrate blockchain in gambling +Epazz IR

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Epazz EnergyVIEW Management Software Installed at Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Facilities Will be Upgraded Using Blockchain Technology to Manage Energy Consumption +Epazz

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LLLI New agreement! This agreement was concluded at the recent SEDEC Security and Defense Conference in Turkey with the assistance of the Embassy of Canada Trade Commissioner in Turkey, Ms. Pinar Atakanli. The first part of the new agreement will be for the commencement of sales and associated training programs for the entire Lamperd product line to end users within the Republic of Turkey as well as other countries. The second part of the agreement will involve the establishment of manufacturing facilities within Turkey for the licensed, on-site production of Lamperd products with the assistance of the Turkish government. +Front Page Stocks

CEO Barry Lamperd commented

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Byram Healthcare $650K+ Fortune 500 Division contract kick-off. “The Innovest team is highly professional, does an incredible job for us at the right price, and takes our business as seriously as we do,” said Perry Bernocchi, Chief Executive Officer of Byram Healthcare. “After reviewing all proposals and interviewing all the companies that submitted bids, we found them to be the ideal partner to speak with our customers and service their needs. To our customers, they are part of the Byram team, and they’ve proven we can rely on them to be a proud part of our family.” Byram is the single largest Innovest sales contract to date. +Front Page Stocks
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