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TV Copilot
The Comedy Podcast about TV Shows
The Comedy Podcast about TV Shows

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Hi. Bet you're wondering where we've been. If I said the pod burrow internet firewall was blocking Google+, would that sound believable? We'll just assume that your confused silence is agreement.

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Why isn't me updating this more regular-like? I've been busy? Excuses?
Here's the most recent ep: "Mmm Cowboy Bebop"

Me forgot announce episode 27! So...

It's a TV Copilot 26! Dancing with the Stars?

Hello, the listeners.
How's about an episode?
#25 "More Eureka and 24"

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The TV Copilot podcast is now part of the Signals Media All Star Network! Very exciting news for network lovers!

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Episode 11: Pretty Little Liars out now for you to listen!
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