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Kids on Fire - Star Wars Video
We are a Star Wars family -- no secret there. Mom and Dad were in
college when they the first trilogy came out and they thought it was the
coolest thing on the planet. Mom's favorite character back them was was
Mon Motha (Galactic senator, leader of the ...

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Kids on Fire - Safe & Sound Video
If there's one thing to know about my siblings and me, it is that we love to make movies. This new one that we just made is a tribute to all those -- north and south -- who fought in the Civil War. Each side was fighting for what they felt was right and tha...

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Away At School ... Until July 26th
    What? Where did Rachel go to? Why to College of course ...      I decided to make a separate blog for posts about me at BYU Idaho . Please realize that since I'll be skipping between college  and home for the next four years or so I'll also be skipping ...

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Freezing Peaches for Future Fruit Smoothies
    Here we go! Our three boxes of peaches are now ripe and ready to be frozen. We used to can our peaches, but the only one who likes them that way is my little brother and he still has all of last year's to eat so we froze and pureed them this year.      ...

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French Toast Sticks
     My little ten-year-old brother and I are the early risers of the family. This morning we got up with enough time to finish our chores and cook a special breakfast. We wanted to do something unusual, but easy and yummy. After a short Google perusal, we ...

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Take Me Down the River
    Time for a kayaking trip. This is our family get-away-go-to. I've blogged about our past kayaking trips, but this is the first time in a long time that we've had the family all together. My brother is headed off on his mission soon so it might be the la...

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Away at Home ... Unitl January 5th     What? Where did Rachel go? Home of course.     BUT, you are invited to follow me on my blog that I post to when I'm at home . Please realize that since I'll be skipping between college and home for
the next four ye...

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All The Way Home
Here we are! Homeward Bound at last. My sister and I are excited to be headed back. I have to admit though. I miss college more and more. I'm miss the energy, the comradery, the speed, and the never-ending list of things to do. BUT, it's time for a new chap...

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Hats on Heads
Closing Social for the 16th Ward That's it then! The semester is officially coming to a close. I'm in the throws of final tests, papers and projects. Thankfully, my professors believe in early in-class finals so I don't have to wait in line at the testing c...

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Blueberries in the Morning
Blueberry Picking!     Usually, the season is over before I can get home from college each year. Last year , the family took pictures for me to post, but this this year the season is late because of the dry-spell we are having. It is pretty hot, but we got ...
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