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Ron “Doc Cricket” Raymond
Design Science by Rubinstein's Game
Design Science by Rubinstein's Game

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From Seventh Habit, Ork Individi Coor, advancing onto the Eighth & Ninth Chapters; Discovering Thales.

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Little Bro.

{The Hidden Canticle} My Father & Lord Above, Forgive me for I have dared against your Will to enter Hell and stare down the bullets that attempted to foul my Brother and stood before those that have no interest in humanity; those who seek to destroy the Kingdom of Mother Earth. For this, as you have said before, I shall never be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Please have merci on my soul Father, and let me sail the Heavens of Purgatorio as my Forefathers, and their Forfathers are forsure now doing. For returning your Gift of Life...I have come back in the game of society and business to give Your Gift to all humanity as the Third Learning on Synoptic Provenance. So now on this day, I'm standing here looking at the Gates between the Worlds.  As I close the door on this chapter...I am wondering as I look up to the effigy of the Thinker. My solemn journey now is to determine what "The Thinker" must have Rodin sealed his fate to Overlook the Gate, "What Would Let Be?" Or was it, Would Wii Win?

How Do We? According to Dao of Pooh, "It is not where is love? But rather, how is love?" How Ye...How Te?
Dante's Gates of Hell

This amazing statue by Rodin has smaller versions of most of Rodin's greatest works integrated.  If you look right at the top of the door, you can see The Thinker.

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How Soon is Tao?

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The Next Episode: This To Shall Be Edited.

1961: The story goes that the bill was sitting on the President's (Johnson) desk when Mrs. Magnuson approached him at a White House reception and asked whether he was going to sign or scuttle a bill that her husband had worked so hard for, to which he replied, "Honey, for you I'II sign it. "

2013: Again Washington State leads on the National Ocean Policy front, developing the National Strategy on Regional Ocean Governance and Econometric Development; hopefully when the time is NIST (not NIGH)...the President says the same thing about policy another dude has worked so hard for in this generation, however he's gotta revise what he says just slightly, "For the Two Daughters, You Bet I'll Sign It."  If you can make that happen, that will be good enough for me, Mr. President. Thanks in advance.

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Luck of the Ire to Ye'all...May your day be St. Paddylicious!

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The Martin Stein Study: Student of Games

This study investigates the impact of pre-play communication on the outcomes in Cournot duopoly and triopoly experiments, using both students and managers as subjects. Communication is implemented by two different devices, a ‘standardized-communication’ and a free-communication device. We find that the effect of communication on collusion is larger in duopoly than in triopoly. Moreover, managers behave in a similar way under the two communication devices, while students are more influenced by the free-communication than by the standardized-communication device. In addition, managers select lower aggregate quantities than students, and communication enhances the difference between the subject pools in duopoly but reduces this difference in triopoly. Inspecting individual behaviour  in all treatments the output adjustment is significantly correlated with the previous round’s best response strategy. In the treatments with communication, the effect of imitation becomes larger and crowds out the effect of myopic best response. Finally, in all treatments duopoly results in more collusion than triopoly.

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Pacific Northwest Social Economic Prosperity Experiment Results: Situational Outcome of Principal Cricket and the Room Mate Sub-Games of Teddy Pinocchio (June 2012-February 2013).

Experimentation Reference:


...At these last words, Pinocchio jumped up in a rage, grabbed a wooden mallet from the workbench, and flung it at the Talking Cricket.

Perhaps he didn't mean to hit him at all, but unfortunately he hit him square on the head. With his last breath the poor Cricket cried, "Cree-Cree-Cree" and then died on the spot, stuck to the wall.

"PI's Note 1: I didn't die that day from Teddy's actions (or lack thereof), but how funny it was for me to discover that fictitious events found in children's stories sometimes mirror close to real life situations; situations made resultant of by human responsibility to each other and meta-cognitive rationality in human decision making processes--Here's my story of this experiential learning experiment conducted in the name of frontier science discovery gone somewhat wrong." (Ref 3).

DISCLAIMER: This is not considered official summary of the experiment. Our findings are yet fresh and should not be referenced by CogSci, Psychological, Psychometric or Behavioural Science researchers/students as accepted evidence for their course of experiment and/or prescribed study. Basically, this is a story...a real one, but a story none the less.

"PI's Note 2: All experimentation activity was conducted with all respects to maintaining Human Dignity and Ethical Standards for Human Research Subjects where incentives will be used in the experimentation process." (Ref 4).

The story ends at, "splat"...

My life, (through no fault of my own) recently went splat as a result of a "Pinocchio" who was (by choice) chosen to be a benefactor of my research in helping persons to innovate their interpersonal relationships by developing better living standards. Without going into all the background that goes into this story (there's a lot of it), I'll start former room-mate Teddy (not his real name) was picked as an unwitting experimental research participant to conduct a (no-harm/harm-reduction) analytical test for developing a new direction in Advancing Experiential Socio-Economic Learning Models for Psychometric AI and Human Metacognition Development. Big words. In layman terms, the idea of the experiment was to work with someone (Teddy, the unwitting research subject) having trouble getting ahead in life due to life problems (in this case, physical injury and substance abuse) and help them redirect self-chosen choices to create new success based life habits by first providing a public-private arena, where it could be reasonably assured that 1) a "no harm/no foul" outcome premise of the experiment could be assured by those monitoring the experiment 2) the experiment would be conducted in an atmosphere that was non-hostile (violent) as outlined (by the PI) 3) there was a definitive responsibility to the participants by indirect and direct communicative function of the oversight team. "Teddy" was to be afforded a 1) task-oriented responsibility which was bounded in socio-economic based conflict 2) Teddy could conduct the task without repercussions should he adhere to ethical standards which were presented to him before the 'unknown' experimental analysis processes began 3) the investigator overseeing the task functions, would assure the overseers Teddy could handle and conduct the functions of that task by ethical rationality under the terms and conditions of harm reduction/prevention learning 4) that Teddy would be given the tools (incentives) to evolve that given task responsibility into learning an alternative and positive (and healthy) life venture that was pre-defined by the subject 5) on what they wanted to do for making a career and/or business for themselves. 6) This career and/or business was to have nothing in relationship to the original responsibility task plan, but under the terms of the experiment 7) the experience and funds gained from the accepted task could go to developing their pre-defined venture. If it all went right, Teddy would have learned valuable time management skills and developed a business in food services. All said and done, it didn't come to fruition for Teddy. Because one of the pre-defined terms was to establish trust and truth between us, which was violated by Teddy...needless to say, I also became affected by Teddy's actions. Read on learners. 

Before I continue, I must for transparency sake, reveal this 'experiment' was conducted as part of my Social Economic Prosperity Experiment (Ref 2), which is a sub-postulate of the greater body of research known as, "Rebuilding the Mosaic" at the Directorate for Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences (Ref 1). Unfortunately, Teddy (thus far) has wound proving himself like the Puppet Pinocchio who lied, rather than the puppet who became a Real Boy by finally telling and acting in truth. The Cricket's Analysis: I just couldn't help Teddy draw the picture of living a truthful and responsible life; I had heard Teddy sometimes, "got the truth wrong" but I had no idea that because of his lies, we would be both put out into the street. You see, Teddy had lied about paying the rent to the landlord and the household bills (which I know nothing about) which I had paid in advance through the end of February. In the third week of February, we were evicted. This is where the, "Splat" part context, I wound up loosing close to $1500.00 and had to scramble to find a new place to live. Thanks to a close friend who took me in, I have a place to live and write this summary. Kinda hard to find a good place to live when you are a researcher on a budget, but that's my Prisoners Dilemma; a financial chapter of my own biography that's hopefully soon changing for the better.

The challenge question:

I have formed the situational outcome challenge question as, "What specific action by the Talking Cricket could have changed Pinocchio's behaviour to prevent him from being so adverse to the Good Crickets guidance...which ultimately led to the Cricket's death by being stuck to the wall? My initial thoughts turn to something so simple, yet so difficult for some people to grasp; Advancing Learning to Learn Theory.

In life, listening to that conscious of ours {and also Human Crickets} can really help when we must make decisions about how we will lead our own decisions about what is right and wrong. A suggestion is described below which is found in the book, Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi.

...One of Pinocchio’s major failings is his aversion to school. Although Geppetto demands he go, even sacrificing his last coins for a text book, Pinocchio is easily distracted and lured into harmful situations. Two characters who pull Pinocchio away time and again are a pair of greedy creatures hoping to steal what few cents the boy has. In turn, it’s Pinocchio’s own greed and ignorance that gets in the way of his making good decisions. In summary, this researcher can only exclaim..."Jiminy Cricket learners...don't be that guy!"

And a bit of advice from this Investigator Cricket for those engaged in socio-economic this video before starting any future experiments where the need for designing human safety nets, either for the subjects (or for yourself as investigator): Starring Jiminy Cricket: Jiminy Cricket I'm No Fool

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Expedition 34′s Ride to Space Rolls to the Launchpad

While the Soyuz rocket and Soyuz TMA-07M capsule were rolled out to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan this morning, per tradition, the crew was getting their hair cut. 

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Updated Publications to Follow?

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Time to move on from yesterday. Another day is upon us; we have not the time to waste. Onward with the design of Regional Ocean Governance in the Pacific Northwes under the original terms and conditions of Design Game Science and Social Economic Prosperity in Economics for the 21st Century and beyond. May all People find happiness and wellness in the lands where the Natives and Nature lived in harmony with the Industrial advancements of the late 19th Century. May the world as it is known to the Explorers and Navigators be used as the foundation for everlasting agreements in Peace, Security and Trade amongst our two Great Nations. May we know that our Children of a Common Mother have grown strong in our stand against ambivelance, hate and greed...for now Prosperity is our Common and Indevidual Will. This was Chief Sealths hope, today we have filled his wish. Mankind and Knowldege of the People shall know no enemies, but only by our own destruction of that which is life itself.
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