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I know it's silly, but I get all giddy like a little girl when the new issue of Kalon Women Magazine comes out! I hope you enjoy it!
Kalon Women Magazine - January 2016 is now available on Amazon and it is AWESOME!

I hope that you will take time over the next few days and really dive into the articles in this month’s issue and that they touch you in some way. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Awesome product for grandparents too!! #choosewhatsgood  
How would you like SIX months free, for up to TEN devices - Advance access to the HERO[3] software plus a Kid’s HERO cape (Who doesn't want a cape?!) and more!? Just click on the link to find out how you can be the HERO in your family:

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Do you know how to reach millennials? It's all about being mobile - check out this great article via +Social Media Today 

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Sorry for being out of touch for so long!! Trying to run two businesses sometimes gets a little overwhelming - but I'm back and ready to get this group rocking!

Question - do you use Facebook Ads for your business? If not, here's why you need to be and how the new features can really boost your business online: 

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Instagram‬ is touted as a visual network, but words have their own power here too. In feeds filled with images captions hold their own - often, the longer, the better. 

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Had a great time recording the Real Estate Matters radio show with Stewart Title and Show Host: Bill Knapik! The show aired nationwide on 100.7FM - I'll be talking about social media and I had the pleasure of sharing the platform with Regina Rowley who is a women's self-defense instructor with KUTA Empowered Women - I hope you tune in

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Kalon Women July/Sept 2014 is now available online - I hope you enjoy our latest issue!

Read it here:

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Post Boosting Tip: Only promote your own content.

Even if you’re sharing a good tip from another website, don’t boost it if it links to someone else. Why pay to send traffic to someone else’s site?

Pick content that’s helpful for your audience. Promoting sales messages from time to time is OK, but primarily choose content that will benefit your audience.

Promote content that gets your fans on your email list. If you’re offering something for free with an opt-in, definitely promote that content so you can transfer as many fans to your email list as possible. This includes giveaways, free webinars, free ebooks and any other type of freebie.

Remember the 20% text rule on photos. If your post has a link in it and the link pulls in a photo that has too much text, you won’t be able to boost or promote it. Use Facebook’s Grid Tool to determine if the image has too much text:

Did the graphic below get boosted or blocked by Facebook?

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Are you confused by Facebook’s advertising options?

Do you know when you should use boost posts vs. promoted posts?

You’ve probably heard the news that Facebook has decreased the organic reach for pages. That means that to be seen in your community’s news feed, you need to spend some money on Facebook ads.

But should you boost or promote your posts? I say it depends. Base your decision on which posts are helpful to your audience and further your goals on Facebook.

You don’t need to pay for every post—just choose the best ones.

I'll post why over the next few days. Are you using either successfully? Share with the group!

Thank you all of you who joined the group! Please answer these questions in the comments.

What social media platforms are you using for your business now?

Are you all over the place or have you honed in on a few that seem to be working for you? 
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