DID YOU KNOW? In some cultures, women must ask their husband’s permission to see a physician.

DID YOU KNOW? Dietary restrictions due to religious observances can interfere with diabetes medications.

DID YOU KNOW? In some cultures, mental illness is a sign of communication with spiritual worlds.

DID YOU KNOW? African American men have mortality rates as high as some third world countries.

DID YOU KNOW? By 2050, white will be the minority population in the U.S.


In this interconnected multicultural world, it is increasingly important to understand how genetics, environment, beliefs and customs affect patient interactions with western medicine, treatment decisions, and outcomes. To be most effective, the delivery of healthcare, from the development of the drug, to the education of the patient must

take these nuances into account.


Our keynote speaker and expert on this topic, Daria Blackwell will lead a panel of
industry experts who will share specific examples of what they are doing to incorporate cultural competence into their businesses and how it is impacting patient outcomes.
HBA Ohio Signature Event
Cultural Competence in an Interconnected World
September 27, 2012
3:00-5:30  Program
5:30-7:00  Reception
Jewish Community Center
Cincinnati, OH
Click here to register http://bit.ly/NeYEOy  
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