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Good Wednesday Morning! 400+ severe reports yesterday! 5" hail fell near Oklahoma City! Isolated tornadoes, wind & hail from TX to KS today

Beryl is still a tropical depression hanging out along the SC coast. Today Beryl will move out to sea, but expect 4-6" more rain in NC first

May Heat Wave..nearly 200 record highs yesterday! Cooler air continues its southward push and leftover showers clear the East Coast today

Showers come into the NW today and cooler air leaks into the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains with highs up to 25 degrees below normal.

How's the weather by you? Send me a picture and let me know where you took it!
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hector, why do your fiance need know about my high property tax?
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SAM! Can't you block certain idiots that continually jump your posts?

Here in the DC Metro area we have what 'feels like' typical August heat and humidity with thunderstorms (or threats of) in the evenings.
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Karen, Do you jealous of me and friends???
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you re both wrong, I never judge on your clothes and make up it's nothing of my business..
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