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any electrical/ electronics engineers in my circle? call me on 9778777144 (m in orissa, so add 0 if needed) or DM when online. ‎#helpandgethelped ‎#interesting

Back in Delhi. New number - 8750546166

another relocation! moving back to delhi on 30th July on my 27th birthday :)

folks, new number for orissa - 9778777144. will be available on this number from tomorrow onwards. help still required for finding a room with parking convinience.

alrite folks! it's decided. back to bhubaneswar on 27th this month.
@frnds frm bbsr - help me find a room with parking convenience plz..will share new number once i am thr :)
@frnds frm delhi - thank you for the good time. will miss u guys! cya later...

Folks, had lost my phone and changing my number. My new number is - 8527276595. Keep in touch. Sandeep Sarangi

My new phone got stolen! 2nd loss in less than a month. :(
Looks like I'll be unavailable on my number for few more days and go through all shitty process all over again.

huh! got my phone stolen on a bad day with lots of personal information in the card that i am never going to get back. reliance refuses to issue me the same number without a police complaint and the NOIDA GB nagar cops want me to bribe them with rs 200 just to receive my complaint!! gotta pay unwillingly caz living without a phone is too difficult. to hell with governance in UP :(

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