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Aircraft parts just in time!
Aircraft parts in the right place at the right time!
Aircraft parts in the right place at the right time!


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Luxury Trade is specialised in the supply of materials for aircraft maintenance, repair and high-tech industries.
With more than 600.000 part numbers we are able to fulfill almost any requests.
Our product range includes standard hardware, raw and semi-finished metal products, consumables, chemicals, composite materials, industrial adhesives, coatings, lubricants, sealants, polishing materials, abrasives, electronics tapes, anti static products, industrial safety products, etc.
Try our latest prices and send a Request for Quotation now!
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Luxury Trade is the newly created Aerospace Division of the Kvazár Trading and Servicing Company Ltd.
We spent more than ten years in the Aircraft MRO business in different positions and now all this experience can make Your job easy and simple.

We know all the responsibilities a Buyer has.
We know what “AOG order” means.
We know what “Critically urgent” means.
And we know what “Cost saving” means.

We do our job day by day with these principles in our head because Your success is our business!
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