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An Internet Marketing Practitioner In Scotland
An Internet Marketing Practitioner In Scotland


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Lots of small business owners do not know where to begin when it comes to marketing their own website. I beleive there are a few things you need to understand before you decide to do internet marketing an hour a day - every day.

A great book that everyone should read right now is Teach New Dogs Old Tricks How Traditional Sales Techniques Accelerate Digital Marketing.

The book is written by Matt Bailey a globally respected Marketing Expert, Trainer and Speaker and was the president of SiteLogic Marketing an agency he built up and then sold in 2014. Matt has worked with the likes of Google, ESPN, IBM, Johnson&Johnson, Toys R Us the list goes on....This is another of his must read books. I recommend if you are serious about wanting to improve your online presence - even if you are going to hire in some help - read this book and be better prepared to work with both your hired marketer and the developer you chose to build your website.

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Most small business owners today need to have a website presence. Before it was just a case for many to have a lisitng in the big Yellow Pages Telephone Directory. But today everybody just - Google's it.

This raises a number of issues for the small business owner needing a website. The first and most important is who do you get to build your website.

The sad thing is there are many web designers to choose from but that is the problem, they are web designers and many of them actually admit as to not being web marketers. So that is problem one - getting a website that is fit for purpose.

Problem number 2 is marketing that website. I have lost count of how many small business owners don't have time to market their own site. And when they do want some marketing done they are looking for that to happen for free.

Unfortunatley those days have gone. So if you are looking to do the DIY SEO of Website Marketing and you don't have lots of time then READ THIS

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So, the Christmas Decorations are packed away for another year, and when the bells struck midnight and a New Year dawned what New Year Resolutions did you make? Was it;

I am going to find a job I like doing
I am going to change my career
I am going to create a new website for my business
I am going to make more money this year

The above list is endless, you may want to share your New Year Resolution with us.

But if you did commit to one of the above statements, then lets have a fanfare of trumpets for those of you living in Scotland. Because, starting on

DATE January 13th
TIME 1730-2030
LOCATION City of Glasgow College

You can achieve all of the things I listed above if they were your New Year Resolutions by attending the #OnlineXcellence Workshops that can put you on the road to;

Doing a job you really want to get up and do each day that you will enjoy
Change your career and give yourself the title of Digital Website Manager
Oversee the build, redevelopment and improve website performance by being skilled enough to drive the website designers into what you want
Be skilled enough to take decisions and being more competitive online and make more money for you and your business.
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Well, after reviewing websites since 1998 and writing a bundle of website audits for businesses over the years (especially the small, medium enterprise), I have decided during 2014 I will take a look back at websites I reviewed and give them a mention again here in posts that I will write.

I think it will be interesting to just randomly pick a domain name and see how well that website is doing since I last looked at it. But also, I was thinking I may just select a few that I have no connection with and just offer an impartial view. I hope those who are the web managers for those websites I may select are up for accepting some constructive criticism as that is all that it will be.

What is one of my new year resolutions - to see more small business owners become better educated in managing their website towards achieving better success. I want the business owner to better understand the numbers, and be realistic about where there website is appearing and why that may be. 

One thing business owners need to understand about having a website, is that they themselves have to shoulder some of the blame when they say their website is not winning races and bringing home the bacon!! The questions they need to ask themselves:
On what merits did you choose your website developer?
How did you know your website platform was fit for purpose?
How much time did you spend being involved in the planning and then the design of the website?

If your website was a racing car and your primary objective was to win races because the prize was - money! Because you are the owner and the driver, you would be choosing how your racing car would look and feel. But to a degree, you need to learn a skill that gives you that feel good factor - which says - yeh, I am sitting behind the wheel of something that is going to make me money!

Make 2014 the year your website does better than it did in previous years. And for those of you who are about to get onto the track and choose your first website, it will be interesting to hear from you about the approach you are going to take towards getting the website that is right for you. And more importantly, how much do you think you are going to have to spend - first on the website - and then on that all important fuel that is high octane marketing to turbo power your website.

Come back soon, for my next installment.
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