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Zeinab Kamal
I AM a child, a dreamer, a sister, a lover and a mother.
I AM a child, a dreamer, a sister, a lover and a mother.

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Telling the Story of the Magical Reality's Tarot Heroine, with JAY ❦
@Clara's yurt, in Berlin. Was a wonderful day :)  ❦

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Tarot Storytelling Workshop, in Maadi
Hi, I am holding a Tarot Storytelling workshop this Saturday, the 5th of November, at my current space in Maadi, and I would love to see you there! You and your lovely friends who would like to learn to read the cards. {Your little ones are also welcome; pl...

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Stay in touch! ❦
Click { H e r e }  to know when the {Awake or Dreaming} Tarot is finally out! ❦ ☽

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a sketch idea for the back of the cards..
I need a good graphic designer to help me mirror the design so that it's the same drawing when upside down <3

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Built a cardboard theater for the video of the crowdfunding campaign! :)

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Feeling Blessed; Back to the Homeland Egypt for a While ❦
I'm not sure if anyone is following this blog at the moment, but since the last couple of posts were pretty unhappy, I feel like I have to also share when I am happy. I am now back to Egypt for a few months, and a couple of two major Tarot related things ar...

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Experimenting with the cards' layout design, while my dragon`angel is asleep..
This card is for the 9 of birds or swords in the traditional tarot <3

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About the Project
حلم و لّا علم  أوراق تاروت مصرية شعبية 78 ورقه
مرسومه بخط اليد أبيض و أسود للتلوين +  ورقتين الحلم! ورقه عشان
تحلم فيها نفسك و التانيه
تحلم فيها العالم اللي تحب تعيش فيه. The set contains: - 78 black and white coloring cards - plus two extra blank cards for...

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حلم و لًا علم : أوراق تاروت مصريه شعبيه
  حلم ده ولّا علم ولّا شاشه دايرعليها
فيلم عايشين بنفرح, نحزن, و نسرح كل يوم في حلم
جوه حلم

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So today I went to the market - which happens somewhere in Berlin every tuesday & friday - with hope that Coucou & I can get some sun and music and if lucky meet new people and read the tarot cards for them... I thought I'd leave the tarot bit to synchronic...
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