So, I was just adding a comment to +Brian Parker's LJ post, when suddenly I am faced with this full-screen ad. I was going to keep my LJ around as my occasional blog, but.... I think that pretty much killed that idea.

On the plus side, this will get me to set up Wordpress for myself.

Goodbye Livejournal. It's been a fun 10 years. But this is intolerable.
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Accessing LJ via the iOS app (for example) seems to avoid that crap.
Oh frakkin hell. I have got to get over to dreamwidth as my primary.
I'm going to push Serendipity as an alternative to WP... it's what I use, and the code is (amazingly, for PHP) quite readable and pleasant to work in. Whether you want to get your hands dirty in the guts or not, this says some good things about the quality of developers doing the most work on it, I think.
+Matt Clark that's the plan. The thing is, that wasn't as compelling when I (currently) make something like 3 posts a year. I figured I'd just keep the same ole thing that requires no effort. Sadly, this is not something I want readers to have to deal with if they go there.
I thought most LJ advertising was on "Plus" accounts, which means the user has opted-in to showing ads on their journal in return for higher site benefits.
I'll say the same thing that I've said to every complaint about LJ ads that I've seen -- and that is that I'm a free user, and I never see an add on LJ thanks to AdBlock Plus. Anyone who isn't running ad blocking software at this point really should be.
Funny. I just deactivated my 2 LJ accounts last evening on a whim.
I would say (and asking some friends who are still professional sysadmins and still use WordPress confirms) that you get 2 out of 3: "self-hosted," "hassle-free," and "WordPress."
I'm using WP and it's OK, but I don't do anything to it.

... Matthew, you know Gwen? Small world.
+Matt Condon +Doug DeJulio The issue isn't that I can avoid the ads, it's that this is something that is fundamentally an experience for end-users who may not be interfacing with the system in the "Correct" manner. I do not want to inflict this sort of obnoxious ad serving on people who happen to want to leave a comment on my LJ.

+Matthew Weigel I am not a sysadmin anymore, nor do I want to be. There is wordpress on the system I'm hosted on (granted, by my husband). I will use it.
That makes me angry. I thought that part of having a paid account was that not only do I not see ads, but, people do not see ads on my journal. Grr. After my vacation I'm going to start researching alternatives.
Gwendy, any thoughts on utilities that'll strip LJ content and transfer it to a new platform? Or, failing that, archive posts and comments to PDF? I've been there for about five years and I'm growing progressively more discontent, too.
I googled for "back up your livejournal" and found a PDF maker.. I think it was ljbook? I'm not on my computer now, and can't verify what it was.

There was also the official lj download to CVS or XML, but it didn't do comments and it was one month at a time interface.., uh, no.

Lastly I found an "ljarchive" program from sourceforge that looked promising, but when I tried to use it, "Cannot connect to server". That may have been my work's firewall though.
Meh, I'm not defending them. I think the ads are pretty shitty too. At the same time, I also think that just about everyone on my friends list (especially among those who are still active on the site at all) is savvy enough to be able to handle adblock. I could give a damn what anyone not on my friends list experiences (the vast majority of my posts are friends-only anyway).

That being said, for various other reasons (mostly to do with the fact that hardly anyone is using it anymore), I've pretty much abandoned LJ too. I check in about once or twice a week to see if anyone has posted anything, and I don't really post myself.

Honestly, my plan to replace LJ? Google+. I don't "blog" heavily enough to bother with WordPress or Blogger or anything like that, I just write general updates and interact with other people. With a private site, I lose a lot of that interaction. Also, a private site assumes that other people are actually going to go to the effort of going to read it (full disclosure: I rarely look at individual blogs, even of friends; I just don't have the time for it). Facebook wasn't a good substitute because of the low character limits, but Google+ gets rid of a lot of the limitations that were in the way.
So, I did a bit of work a few years ago to do an LJ -> Serendipity importer that preserved comments, I think it was largely based on I can dig around a bit tonight and see what's what, but I know that at one point I had code to snarf all posts and all comments into a single file. I was doing it for a public blog (no hidden posts) so it might not have handled that, though... I'll look.
For what it's worth, I've got about a dozen Dreamwidth invites I'm not using, for anyone who may wish to shift platforms without going self-hosted. Happy to share them, even if I don't know you. :)

And yeah, Gwen, if you've got a permanent LJ account, no way should you be seeing ads. :/
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