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Esteban Constante
Me gusta el Marketing Digital & el SEO
Me gusta el Marketing Digital & el SEO

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Para todos los que aman las redes sociales, el último libro que se acaba de publicar World Wide Web y la formación de la subjetividad, para bajar gratis.

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Tutorial para analizar palabras clave sin quedarte pobre:


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Mi perfil en Inbound

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Mejora tus volantes publicitarios! Échale un ojo! 

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Las mejores herramientas #SEO   gratuitas.

I'm happy to have finished this course. I'm just waiting for the review of two assignments. Thanks a lot Prof. Aric, it was an amazing journey.

To anyone who is still in the first course. Keep studying and learning. The lessons are really valuable even if you have lots of experience in the marketing field.

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Romuald from the Coursera group discussion shared this. Check it out. They just got $100M from Google Ventures.

Regarding  3d Printers:

This lesson was quite interesting as it made me remember a book I read a couple years ago called "Revolutionary Wealth" by Alvin Toffler.

In a section of that book he foresees the implications of 3d printers (without mentioning them by name) in our daily lives: people would no longer need to buy an object mass-produced. Instead one could get custom-made objects that would fit our needs. 

Pretty much what is happening nowadays with 3D Printers.

As 3D Printers drop in prices, I'm quite sure we'll see more people designing, customizing and printing objects for their everyday use.

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Las mejores herramientas #SEO  gratuitas
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