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The ones you don’t notice
The ones you
don’t notice With Celtic due at Hampden for a vital
Scottish Cup Semi-Final on Sunday I got chatting to an old friend who reminded
me of the long list of refereeing decisions down the years which he felt had
gone against Celtic and cost them th...

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A thousand miles from Paradise
A thousand
miles from Paradise I glanced briefly at my watch on Saturday and
it told me that it was about 4pm local time. I knew that being an hour ahead of
the time in Glasgow that Celtic would be kicking off in their SPFL match
against Kilmarnock about th...

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The Black Arrow
The Black
Arrow Some
years ago I watched the excellent American Documentary series ‘Eyes on the prize’ which told the story
of the struggle of African Americans to exercise their civil rights. One
episode told the story of 14 year old Emmet Till, an African...

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Walking on air
on air The
passing of Derry man Martin McGuinness this week had me thinking of the last
time I visited the north of Ireland. It was two or three years ago and while I
was there I took a trip on the Tour bus which travels around the fine city of Belf...

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Idolo A
player knows when he’s hurt and Henrik Larsson knew something was very wrong as
he lay on the emerald turf of the Parc Olympique Lyonaise that misty October
night in 1999. Dutch referee Rene Temmink was on the spot very quickly and
Larsson, who play...

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Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend A crowd of several hundred had gathered at the end of
Cumberland Street on a grey Scottish morning to watch the coaches pull away. It
was one of those spontaneous street gatherings which occurred now and then in
the Gorbals. Such gathering...

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Pride As I stopped by the Statue of Brother Walfrid
on a chilly Friday evening to look at the tributes left in memory of Tommy
Gemmell, a grizzled old chap beside me mumbled, ‘Another one of the old brigade
away eh?’ He introduced himself as John and told m...

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Full Circle
Full circle Those of you who follow me on Twitter will
know that I post pictures of players, characters and incidents which illustrate
the history of the remarkable football club we follow. Of course I also post
many pictures of the magnificent supporters w...

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Bitter Harvest
Harvest On a bitterly cold November night in 1983 Celtic
travelled to Nottingham to face Brian Clough’s excellent Forest side in the UEFA
cup. Forest had been European Champions twice in the previous few seasons and
there was no doubting the magnitud...

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The Mars Bar game
The Mars Bar game On a dreary January day in 1994 Celtic met
Rangers in a league match which in many ways was a catalyst for real change at
the club. The installation of seats in the old Jungle couldn’t disguise the
fact that the stadium was in dire need of...
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