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Gabriel Simonet
Curiosity will send us, cats, to the stars. THEN, who cares if it kills us.
Curiosity will send us, cats, to the stars. THEN, who cares if it kills us.

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"Me da igual que piensen que estoy cuerdo o loco"

It's official: Next week going with @GeneXus, @finthamoussu to @Apple's WatchKit Labs in #London ;) Already jumping excited!

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The Art of Evangelism. Del Guy.
The Art of Evangelism
Three ways to effectively evangelize

(1) Schmoozing. This requires you to get out of your office, ask questions, unveil your passions, follow up with people, e-mail effectively, make it easy to get in touch with you, and do favors. 

(2) Public speaking. You need to deliver quality content, omit the sales pitch, customize the speech for your audience, focus on entertaining your listeners, tell stories, circulate in the audience beforehand, control scheduling and venue when you can, and practice and speak all the time. 

(3) Social media. When posting you should offer value, be interesting, take chances, keep it brief, be a mensch, add drama, tempt with headlines, use hashtags, and stay active.

Read it all here:

Love this post I published today on +Harvard Business Review  - thank you for having me! If you like this, please share with your social network as well.

#artofthestart   #evangelism   #startup  

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Misión Oficial (Trailer) - La Historia Secreta de la Marihuana del Uruguay #GraciasPepe

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La historia de y otros pensamientos #random  

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Bad, Walkie, bad!

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Kaplumbaga on sale!
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