FiXato's RPG Maker VX Ace RGSS3 scripting tests
AncientCave, SleepableRegions and TilesetDumper work in progress scripts.

The Ancient Cave script currently only resets and restores items and takes 'permanent items' into account when it does so.
You won't be able to take 'normal' items into the cave; only 'permanent' (or 'blue chest') items will be able to be brought along into the cave. Same with taking items out of the cave. An item can be marked as 'permanent' by adding AncientCavePermanentTreasure to its notetags. 
Eventually this script will also reset/restore experience levels, equipment and skills, making it closer to the Ancient Cave from Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals.

My Sleepable Regions script also is still work in progress, but it already allows to define 3 different regions you can use to mark tiles as 'sleepable', such as beds. When the player is facing such a region, and is directly adjacent to it, you can hit the action trigger. It will then show a random related message (as configured in the Common Event). There are 3 different types of regions:
- Free sleeping zones: you can sleep here without any penalty.
- Risky sleeping zones: you can sleep here, but there is an x change for a y penalty. (Though the penalty hasn't been implemented yet)
- Zone is marked as 'unsleepable': this will still trigger the script/common event, but the player will vocally refuse to sleep there for a configurable reason; in this case because the bed is too messy. :P

Tileset Dumper is another Work in Progress script, used to more easily import and export tilesets; with it you'll be able to more easily import the properties (passage, bush, etc) of tilesets, instead of just the graphics. As you can see in the video, it is far from finished. (Though I've had a working proof of concept already for the actual importing to an rvdata2 file).

Furthermore it shows the 'Ancient Forest' tileset from the fbu-1 tileset collection. That specific map was mostly just drawn to test the various tiles and their passage properties.

It also shows a bit of Yanfly's Debug Engine; mostly to jump to the test map I used for the SleepableRegions test.

All the RPG Maker VX Ace scripts are written in #Ruby  

FiXato's RPG Maker VX Ace RGSS3 scripting tests

This was recorded with, so it's kinda choppy at times. :/ I'll look for a decent native screen recorder instead.

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