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simply incredible

Latest Update 4th December 2016.

* 4 red capsicum plants are grown in Ecobins each summer in my veggie garden.
* The soil is cleared of organic debris from the previous crop and top dressed with lots of homemade thermal compost.
* Its then covered with organic sugar cane mulch and left for a few weeks to get those microbes pumping.
* Seedlings are propagated in jiffy pots in an EcoPropagator, and the strongest seedling in each pot is cut down to soil level once it reaches 4th leaf stage.
*  They and transplanted into Ecobins, when they are ready, still in their jiffy pots to minimise root disturbance .
* I buzz pollinate the flowers as they emerge to ensure plenty of fruit sets, and harvest them when fully ripe.
* I store my crop surpluses in a chest freezer.
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+tolga erok I'll read some more, in regards to step by step exact set up
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tolga erok

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Testing 60D dslr

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Beautiful shots of flowers
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tolga erok

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+Billy Oehring jr. Yellow=Chinese hab or scotch bonnet the other 2 are a mix of Trinidad scorpion and ghost
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tolga erok

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Gardening Is My Sanctuary "My Emotional Plea"

I apologize in advance to all of you. I did not know that this would happen on camera. It was one of those days that I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and it became to much to bare. As I ran to my garden to de-stress and get away from the worldly issues that are going on. I was left with the thought of sharing love, prosperity and commitment to all of my fellow men and women. Thank you for all the love many of you have in your heart.
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tolga erok

Finally I got the raised bed made
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+scott dosser cheers
planting cucs, zucchini, spring onions and a couple of basic herbs.

in winter its going to be 90% garlic
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tolga erok

Pepper & garden pics  - 
Howd'y all

Havnt posted in awhile as work has been hectic with odd shifts.

My peppers are doing well although my over wintered scorpion and scotch bonnet / habernero have been attacked heavily by spider mites. It got to a stage where I had to do a hard prune on the most affected areas.

Pic 1&2 : The Scorpion chilli is producing large pods compared to last year and still putting out lots of flowers. The scotch bonnet habernero had to be pruned hard due to spider mites.

The peppers in my kratky setup have slowed down somewhat but are still producing alot of peppers. My guess is that perhaps it's time to place them into individual buckets as its getting rather root bound considering I have 8 plants in a small tub.

On the other hand the ghosts, 7 pot, red habernero and the savina growing in the soil are doing very well with no insect issues what's so ever.

Pic 3: black pearls and a surprise black prince? ? The black peppers have a surprising hot kick

Pic 4: Mexican Serrano has been harvested 3 times already with an abundance of peppers. Very impressed with the yield.

2nd last pic is my over wintered ghost that is extremely pot bound in the fabric shopping bag from last year and has many pods and flowers. Very surprised on its development considering it's been neglected.

Last pic is harvest of elephant garlic that were grown in large pots - very happy with the results with these and will plant alot more next winter.

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+Matt Garver​ interesting questions. ...
over wintering. . .straight answer no.

(Mind you this is my thoughts on it)
Why it's easier to maintain a healthier cutting or seedlings meaning it has alot more cheaper lab control
I.e. only need alot more smaller controlled environment to keep warm over winter (heater pad and perhaps 1 double fluro setup)
But on the flip side my answer could have been different if these were in the ground and all that was needed was some stakes and a plastic shield around them.

Kratky setup is amazing. Yes I will definitely use this method to overwinter seedlings and transfer into ground.

Overall answer regarding overwintering and kratky. ...although it's fun to experiment and have fresh chillies at hand I'll be honest and say (each to their own) it's alot easier and cheaper and 100 fold times more convenient to buy the superhot paste in jars ready to use and stow away as it takes away the maintenance, running costs and care taking to grow maybe 1kg worth of chilli yield for the average grower.
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tolga erok

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Attempting portrait shots

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Nah just afew shots of youngsters that I took on a wine tour. It was their friends birthday so I opted to practice on my portrait shots. There was alot more but didn't come out that good as I didn't have an external flash and there wasn't enough strong light available
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Howdy all

I know alot won't believe me but here it goes.

The pot that my bonsai is in had a natural hole in it already that I found 1 year after I moved into my new home back in 1995. Back in 96 I was curious about bonsai but didn't have the time to care for it so I cut a small slip of my jade plant and put it in a small pot and then in side this rock.

It's 2016 and it's still living from 1996. The only time it gets a care is when I have time to do maintainance in the yard which is very seldom. A little water and maybe some old fish tank water. Again very little care and amazed at its survival 
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Your welcome. That's what I love so much about bonsai trees...they last years and years. Have a wonderful day dear.
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tolga erok

Sweet potatoes. ... White and orange variety picked a month or 2 ago. Picked the last few big ones last week.

+Rob Gordon​
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+tolga erok so i think that a loose soil allows for even growth , like what is needed to grow nice long straight carrots , i might need to add some coffee grounds and sand to my beds as the gypsum has broken up the clay but the soil is still to heavy and pack,s down a lot.
anyhow nice job on the sweet potato !!
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tolga erok

Pepper & garden pics  - 
Howdy all
Small update.

From left to right;

7 pot Scorpion
Red habanero
Savina habanero

Far right:
Sweet potatoes

All growing well (hot peppers)in the soil under direct sunlight. All 100% organic amended soil (cow manure, tons of tree leaves, heaps of coffee ground and chook manure on top).

Ferts used:
Once a month or only on a full moon: chicken manure

Every second day with drip irrigation for 35 mins

I've harvested loads of 7 pots and ghosts. Savina hab just yields like there's no tomorrow. Red habs have been a bit slow....but hey I'm not complaining as I have tons of each one of them packed in the freezer. 
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+tolga erok Glad to hear the crop is good. Yea I know what you mean about haven't the time in the day. I lost the crop of seedlings I started in Nov (out of town with work 3 weeks). Started over again last week. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
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tolga erok

Pepper & garden pics  - 
Howd'y all
Just a small update havnt done for awhile due to work commitment

In ground:
7 pot
Red habernero
Savina hab

Are growing up nicely and are setting fruit. Not one disease or aphids detected. I apply chilli focus once a fortnight or every full moon.

In pots:
Scorpion and kratky setups have been heavily attacked by spider mites and aphids but on the flip side are fruiting heavily.

Neglected ghost in fabric bag is fruiting in abundance.

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Hey Tolga. Do you happen to know where I could source some scorpion and ghost chilli seeds? Already growing quite a variety and would love to add the hottest known chillis to my collection. Cheers bud.
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tolga erok

Pepper & garden pics  - 
Yey my first harvest for the beginning of summer here in western australia.

Top: Mexican Serrano : 2nd season growth
Left: generic bunnings chillies : 2nd year
Bottom: some Chinese ornamental chilli with a powerful hot kick - really love this one!
Bottom right: 1st yellow fattallii harvest from kratky setup.
And a small 1st savina chilli harvested from a pot bound pot

All thanks to the use of chilli focus!

Chocolate habs, 7 pot, hot lemons getting really close for harvesting

Over wintered scorpion and ghost already have many pods forming .....

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+Matt Garver thankyou
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