Cloudy Walk on a Giant Ice Pack

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#silhouettesonthursday by +Siddharth Pandit
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Last week, +Daniel Arndt and me escaped spring by going to the Alp's largest glacier area, the Aletsch region. As I wrote before, the Big Aletsch Glacier is the Alp's largest one. It's fed by 3 glaciers which unite at "Konkordiaplatz". This place is 6 km² large and consists of a giant ice pack of 900m / 2952ft thickness. I love to be there.

On this cloudy morning we went from Konkordiaplatz to a high mountain pass from where we'd ski down to Valais. The clouds lifted more and more and revealed this almost mystical view of the icy flank of Mt. Sattelhorn, 3'745m / 12286ft. A great moment!
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