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Aiguilles du Peutérey and Mont Blanc

#WideWednesdayPanorama by +Charles Lupica
#TravelPanoWednesday by +Rolf Hicker
I've posted an intense sunrise photo of Mont Blanc a time ago. This panorama was taken later as we already had more light - time to switch off headlamps.

A difficult ascend to Mont Blanc leads over the ridge Peutérey, from left to right: Aiguille Noire de Peutérey, Grand Pilier d’Angle, Mont Blanc de Courmayeur, Mont Blanc Summit. This ridge is perfectly visible from this point of view.
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Wonderful colors and composition, Wilfried. Your photographs are so impressive !
Just an awesome shot my friend!
Extraordinary one! The rose light is so beautiful.
So very beautiful +Wilfried Haferland. I appreciate so much your photos because so often they show me scenes that I would never see otherwise. Thank you. :)
+Athena Carey - I'm happy about that! It's part of my intention to share some beautiful, sometimes emotional moments through my photography. Glad it works sometimes! Thank you!
+Jacob Adamiec - Direction is right. This photo was taken from slightly below the Salle à manger, below Dent du Géant. You know this region, don't you ;-)?
+Wilfried Haferland Thanks! Yes, I know the region but haven't had a chance to spent too much time there. Now I can see the path from Pointe Helbronner going through the Glacier du Geant towards Aig. du Midi. I'm hoping to go back there very soon. Please keep shooting, great work!
+Jacob Adamiec - Hey, thank you very much! I guess I'm addicted to the mountains and photography, so there's no chance to stop it :-)! Thank you for the kind words, Jacob!
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