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Paula Gainey
Sometimes Blogger and Digital Marketer. I share marketing and useful lifestyle tips that make your life better. #Sportsfreak #GadgetGeek #ProudKiwi #GoldCoast
Sometimes Blogger and Digital Marketer. I share marketing and useful lifestyle tips that make your life better. #Sportsfreak #GadgetGeek #ProudKiwi #GoldCoast


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Here's my take on what I've discovered over the past 3 years about claiming your identity online. How does your experience compare?
#personalbranding #protectyourID #reputationmanagement
Claim your name online to brand yourself, protect your identity and manage your reputation

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Your personal life will determine how well you do in your professional life.

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Are you making the most if your cloud storage options?? Check out what Google offers #GoogleDrive #CloudStorage
Did you know Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files don't use any Drive storage? Neither do files that have been shared with you — even if you move them into your Drive. To see how much storage you’re using, go to your Drive on the web and look in the bottom-left corner. With 15GB of free storage, create and share away!

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Quick and easy ways to create graphics for your web-publishing. This great article shared by Guy Kawasaki on LinkedIn

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“9 Inspirational Lessons From Steve Jobs”

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5 Preferred Types of Google+ Content ✚

Looking to improve your engagement here on Google+? More specifically, are you looking to increase the number of +1s your posts get? Well, it all starts with the types of content you're sharing.

Here are some quick stats on the 5 most preferred types of content by Google+ users...

Videos receive 28.6% more +1s

Animated GIFs receive 39% more +1s

Quotes receive 16% more +1s

? Questions receive 188% more comments

📷 Images receive 9.4% more +1s


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Do you use wearable technology for tracking your fitness goals?
Amazon Launches New Wearable Technology Store


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Many folks have problems with their G+ business pages! Admittedly the issues are a bit complicated, and more education on the topic would be helpful.

+Mike Blumenthal has done an excellent job here helping to educate people, and gives some very helpful advice for those needing help with their Google+ business pages.

One thing we've found very helpful is to understand that there are two types of Google+ for business pages. They are:

1. A Local Google+ Business page
These are often automatically created by Google, but only exist if your company has a physical brick and mortar location.

2. A normal Google+ business page
This is the type of page most businesses create when starting out on Google+. 

Choosing which type of Google+ for business page to use is important. In some situations it is advisable to use both! Check out the article linked below for more.

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