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Delicious Star Deli at the Phonathon Today Michigan Auto Law

AARP Michigan and Lisa Dedden Cooper you aren't taking the rule statutory construction into account.

Sad..AARP Michigan 's 'top priority' could have passed near unanimously if they picked their members over special interests. #SB352

The period immediately following a hospital stay is the most dangerous for seniors. AARP Michigan just made that time more dangerous. #SB352

SB352 will grant immunity to hospitals for failing to provide proper instruction to at-home caregivers. AARP Michigan's 'top priority'

Disappointing that @AARPMichigan's top legislative priority was to put seniors at risk today #HB352

Happy 179th Birthday to the Great Lakes State!

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Cartoon: The right to an unfair trial #endforcedarbitration

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Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice. @nytimes @justicedotorg #stopforcedarbitration

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3 Reasons For Choosing Plaintiffs’ Law Over Defense Law @ATLblog
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