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Ross Ritchey

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MMMMMMM Responsive goodness :D
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Ross Ritchey

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Some of the things that can happen in 8 years
* Begin a relationship on Halloween.
* I graduate from college.
* We move in together
* We get a dog
* I start working
* She graduates from college
* We get another dog
* We commit to each other for the long haul
* We collectively decide to get healthy (and lose more than a person - maybe two - in weight in the process)
* I start biking
* We discover I am a Celiac
* I get promoted
* We start to become the people we truly want to be
* Celebrate the 8 best years of my life.

I know you don't read this, but Happy Anniversary Kira. It has been an amazing ride, and may the next 8 be just as amazing, if not more-so.
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Happy Anniversary to u 2 babe!
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Ross Ritchey

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Gold Rush - It's like a sweet tart, but as an apple.
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Ross Ritchey

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John Pozadzides (John P.) originally shared:

I just chatted with the nice people over at Magnepull and they loved the little video we did about running ethernet through the wall in our office. (See: MagnePull Demonstration - GeekBeat.TV)

They love the thought of do-it-yourselfers being able to use the Magnepull, and they gave me 5 MAGNEPULLS TO GIVE AWAY TO VIEWERS!!! The kits cost $115 over on Amazon! (See:

So here is how YOU can get a chance to win one of these 5 awesome installation kits (we're gonna do it like we're running the Kindle Fire contest - see:

There are only three requirements:

1) You have to be in the USA. Sorry, but shipping is nearly impossible outside the states. :-(

2) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. You're golden.

3) SHARE this post to let other's in on the chance to win one as well.
We'll draw for the 5 winners a week from today. So share it now and get on the list!
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Ross Ritchey

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and now it is back again. really strange behavior for G+
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Its just another social network get used to the occasional fuckups
Eventually the horde will move onto yet another social network lol 
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Ross Ritchey

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a post i was reading on my stream just disappeared while i was reading it..... odd
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Ross Ritchey

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Designer, developer and mobile maven Josh Clark tells us that rather than stripping down, we should be asking how we can do more with the mobile experience
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Ross Ritchey

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Installing Visual Studio Web Developer Express 2010....

[random Microsoft rant]
2 hours and 2 reboots later, 4 out of 19 installed......

Why can't Microsoft put together an installer that installs all 19 and then asks me to reboot? Also, it would be nice to have more progress than "4 out of 19" - where is 4 at in its install? I can see its not frozen thanks to the lovely progress bar that is moving - but 5 scrolling boxes that show movement does not a progress make.
[/random Microsoft rant]

and now it is asking for reboot number 3.... I guess this software will need to get installed over several days. Can't lose productivity to install a secondary application.
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That's kind of odd, actually. I installed the full Visual Studio Professional suite a few months ago and only had to restart once I believe.
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Ross Ritchey

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I may be against Apple as a company. I may be against purchasing Apple products in general.

But, I recognize greatness where it lies. Steve Jobs was an amazing person. He had the ability to empower the masses with his words. He refused to compromise on any part of the experience he was providing.

His passing is the one of the greatest losses the Tech world has seen. He will be missed.

RIP Steve
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Ross Ritchey

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I keep hearing all this talk about how Flash is under pressure from the HTML5 ecosystem (HTML5, CSS3, JS).

Is this an actual phenomenon, or is it just public eye?

From my perspective, Flash is alive and still growing. The flashPlayer still does amazing things that cannot be duplicated in HTML. Period. Even the things that the HTML5 stack CAN do are massively more difficult to implement because of browser differences.

I don't know if it is my blatant Flash bias standing out here, but I have yet to find a REAL reason to switch to full HTML5/CSS3/JS development.
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Ross Ritchey

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What happened to the Photo's tab? Two days ago there were thousands of images that were posted by people in my circles. Today, there are about 100....

I suppose I really need to get used to the ever-changing ways of social networks. I never really picked one up until now....
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Ross Ritchey

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John Pozadzides (John P.) originally shared:
I'm Giving Away The First Amazon Kindle Fire EVER!

Yes, I really ordered 5 Amazon Kindle Fire tablets like 1 minute after the pre-orders opened up on Amazon.

Some of the Livid Lobsters at our office were all like, "Why did you need 5 of these?" And I was all like, "I don't know! But I'll find a use for them!" And they were all like, "You should give some away, as you are often want to do!" And I was all like, "That's a swell idea!" and "You don't have to talk in old English."

So, here's the deal. I'm going to give away ONE of the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablets to someone who has me in a Circle here on Google+. There are only three requirements:

1) You have to be in the USA. Sorry, but shipping is nearly impossible outside the states. :-(

2) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. You're golden.

3) SHARE this post to let other's in on the chance to win one as well.

I might possibly give another one or two away later, depending on how this goes. Stay tuned and we'll see.

Good luck!
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