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The Perfect Way to Style a Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is a piece that most of us have in our closet. It's a great item for the cooler weather, as it keeps you warm. While functional, it is also a great and stylish piece that can make an outfit look put together and edgy. It can be dressed up o...

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Store Review: The Ministry of Supply
Located on Newbury Street in Boston, the Ministry of Supply is a small high end store. With nine locations across the U.S., this brand makes sure to fit each customer's needs. By studying and interviewing people about their clothing problems, they engineer ...

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5 Locations that Make Great Backgrounds for Photos
I love taking pictures, as both the lack of storage on my phone and computer will prove. Sometimes I have a great outfit on, and someone to take pictures, but nowhere to take them. Sure, a blank wall in my house will work, but after a while it gets real bor...

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How to Make Your Amateur Photoshoot Look Professional
In the age of social media, especially Instagram, sharing photos is something we do weekly or even daily. Many people who have an interest in fashion, like I do, have a whole feed full of outfits and clothes. From people we know, to models on the runway, th...

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3 Outfits for a Tight Schedule
Like most people, I don't usually have a leisurely few hours to get ready in the morning. I easily could if I wanted to cut back on my sleep time, but, lets be honest, I'd rather get my sleep. While I care about sleep, I also love to make myself look nice a...

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In all honesty I was not sure about this topic because really I'm not the person to be giving advice on how to do hair. I have very thick curly hair that is difficult to deal with... so usually I don't. I just throw it up in a bun, out of my way and call it...

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Do's and Don'ts of Job Interviews
Job Interviews are tricky no matter how big of a deal they are. Your appearance is a super important even if you're just interviewing for a local clothing store. You could have the perfect resume but if you show up in yesterday's yogas and a top two sizes t...

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Makeup Tips
As requested by the lovely Rebecca Gibbs A.K.A. Rxbxcca , this post is all about makeup tips. Whether you've been into makeup since you had your princess eyeshadow kit at age 6 or you have absolutely no clue what you are doing, there is always something new...

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Elizabeth T commented on a post on Blogger.
I love your blog! I just watched one of your youtube videos and oh my gosh you are so pretty! You might have one up already but i'd love it if you could do a post on your favorite make-up products! Have a great day! 
- E

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