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Wordpress blog updates
Wordpress blog updates - Seo plugin, template tutorial, logo design
Wordpress blog updates - Seo plugin, template tutorial, logo design

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[IMPORTANT] iOS error could kill your iPhone
 No, it is not a jailbreak and not about any complex modifications to the system that requires special training. To turn your iPhone or iPad into a brick, is enough to change a single setting - and you can say goodbye to your favorite device. Reddit users d...

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"Tablet" for the audiophile: designers are preparing for the audio jacks of death
 The rumor is that the new generation iPhone, our favorite company to get rid of the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, thundered like a bolt from the blue. On growing number of signatures on a petition angry, and lovers of quality sound already set ...

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It will get the iPhone wireless charging function 7?
Universal concern characteristics of four-inch iPhone 5se finds signs of fanaticism, but a true flagship of the company should be after all the iPhone 7. The latter, according to rumors, will be different from previous generations of devices like appearance...

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Your website ranking is reduced because no mobile friendly ready?
Mobile-Friendly Test These days, a website needs to be more than just a website to provide customers with the choice of products and services. Purchase customers trends are constantly changing, and they are looking for products and services is also changing...

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How to pick the best seo company for your website
If you use your website for business or as an extension of your offline business, then your success depends first of all your online visibility. In general, the higher the rank of your site in Google the higher your chances are of getting visited by your ta...

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Abstract Painting for Dummies
Do not panic. It's simple. For someone Abstract painting is "spotting" and no art, for someone understood the amazing world, someone loves him, and some do not. In any case, if you do not consider yourself to be lovers of it, we offer you some tips on how t...

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Imran khan and rehana khan shahid
Cricket legend Imran Khan would have tied the knot at the weekend to a BBC weather girl. The news was greeted with a mixed reception in Pakistan - would because the conservative Islamic country has questioned the fact that she is divorced and has sometimes ...

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Creating the logo "E-mind"
The logo was created for the company, which designs software applications for smartphones based on Android. Logo conveys a meaning of the name - your mind / thoughts / mind, which is represented in several different ways, some of which are accentuated on th...

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Why should you write your own content?
All professionals who deal with marketing content recommended to create their own content. Naturally, it should be noted that there is very subjective, but they can easily be overcome. There are several reasons why it is imperative to build content. Here we...

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How to create a website that enhances your brand awareness
If you want to make your website become successful, just good design is not enough: it must primarily reflect the personality of your brand. When designing, we must note that the colors, text, images, site structure - all this should be aimed at emphasizing...
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