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RPG people of G+ - it's still pretty rough, but you might enjoy this new project I've been working on recently. It's a way to make random generators that can easily be embedded in blogs, much like embedding a tweet or a Youtube video.
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I got a chance to play Novi Novi TRPG a few times, so I wrote up how it works and how things went. If you're in Tokyo, it's in stock at Jelly Jelly Cafe in Shibuya if you want to give it a shot before buying.

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A friend asked me to start a new game recently; I was thinking of using pre-gens and while the generator at The Acorn Afloat is lovely ( I thought it would be fun to make something more visual. I'll probably hook it up to Twitter when it's done, but for now here's a preview of the output I've got. The images are almost all from the Internet Archive Book Images photostream, with a few from Wikimedia or other public domain sources.
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My players haven't had enough toys recently so I wrote up some magic items.

Tokyo Gamers: I'm running a Risus Cyberpunk campaign and could use some more players, we play about once a month near Azabu Juban on weeknights, though that's pretty flexible. If you're interested, please do get in touch.

(Unrelated but I am also always recruiting mahjong buddies.)

Stupid G+ question: how do I find recent posts I've commented in or been mentioned in? 

Howdy, folks - if I added you it's probably because you post stuff about RPGs. I don't post here but I do read and comment on things, so feel free to add me if you like. 

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Oh, wow! This was my first rulebook and I'd always assumed that when people talked about the Red Box they meant this - I'd never heard it called the "Black Box" before. 
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