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Website Announcement - Finally...!
This is it! I've been working on this new website on and off for ages, and I am so excited to present it, finally! After 6 years (!) of inconsistent posts, I have finally decided to dedicate a regular chunk of my time to this project, on a website with a cl...

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Falling for Sicily - Highlights from Before Wedding
As soon as I landed in Palermo, I knew I was gone. I managed to fall hard and fast for Sicily during the 30-minute bus ride from Palermo International Airport to Palermo Centrale Station, which might be a personal record. The mountains by the ocean, the fam...

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Promises Fulfilled - Rosemary Lime Panna Cotta
Two years ago, I made a  promise . Two months ago, I booked my ticket. Two weeks ago, I fulfilled that promise. On August 10, 2017, in beautiful Trabia, Sicily, one of my closest friends, D., was married. After a glorious, stately, at times hilarious, very ...

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Barcelona - Museu de la Xocolata
I'm home, and I'm safe, but I cannot say the same for over a hundred others. On August 17, 2017, I came home from Barcelona, Spain. When I touched down in LAX, my phone buzzed with concern from friends, asking if I was okay. It turns out that while I was in...

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Wish Fulfillment - Sour Cream and Coffee Chocolate Bundt Cake
I cannot word this in a way which doesn’t sound like an
irritating humble-brag, so please forgive my next sentence: My boyfriend bought
me the cake pan of my dreams for my birthday. For the past five or more years,
I have adored a certain cake pan the same ...

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Getting Better – Tomato Cabbage Soup and Rice with Green Tea
And so I qualify as an old fart. With the move back to
Riverside, I’ve been taking the train to work everyday, prying myself out of
bed between 5am (early train), 6am (later train) and once, 6:30am (&*#%@\^$
I missed the train…!). This means, however, that ...

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Tolerance - Butternut Squash Soup
Some things cannot be changed, no matter how much effort is sunk into them. As a (mostly) vegetarian, fervent lover of fruits and passionate adorer of vegetables, it is with much regret that I announce my dislike of butternut squash soup. Either too sweet o...

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Party Food - Brazilian Cheese Bread
I've been obsessing over these for over a year a year and half. I should have shared the recipe the instant they popped out of the oven, all thin toasted, crispy crust around a soft chewy, cheesy puff, hot enough to make my roommate juggle one in eager anti...

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Recovery - Eggs in Baskets
For someone whose life revolves around work and karate, it shouldn't be surprising that weekends are suddenly gone, three out of five workdays involve at least an hour and a half in heavy So-Cal traffic, and sleep is almost nonexistent. Training for my care...

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Heaps - Pasta with Artichoke Hearts
Past midnight and not quite finished with my presentation slides, due tomorrow (now today, I suppose), of course. It is quickly gearing up to be one of those weeks that seem to heap upon you until you yourself dissolve into a heap, but it could be much wors...
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