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Lifelong book and nature lover!
Lifelong book and nature lover!

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Expired Listings - D.M. Barr
Listings is a tongue-in-cheek exaggerated look at the cut-throat world of
realtors as they jostle and connive to win sellers’ listings. Set in the
fictional community of Rock Canyon, Dana Black is a realtor with a few kinky
secrets o...

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Sphere - M. Black
is the futuristic sequel to a previous novel that I’ve read and reviewed named
Exotiqa. I really enjoyed Exotiqa and had high hopes for Sphere. Ms. Black did
not disappoint. Sphere is fast paced, exciting, and quite hard to put down o...

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Pearl of the Seas - Ruth Finnegan
of the Seas is the second book written by Ruth Finnegan that I have read, the
first being Black Inked Pearl. I wanted to read Pearl of the Seas because I was
interested in how Ms. Finnegan would handle a children’s book. Written as a

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In the Line of Fire: A Soldier's Diary WWI 1914-1918 - Teofil Tobias Reiss
                In the
Line of Fire is the actual diary of an Austro-Hungarian soldier who fought for
the Germans in World War I. He also happens to be Jewish. The book provides a
day to day account through the years of 1914-1918. The real diary is provided...

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Exotiqa - M. Black
A book should be a movie that plays in your
mind as you read it and Exotiqa is a prime example of this. M. Black has
created a futuristic world that is so detailed and so intricate that I found
myself closing my eyes after reading a paragraph just so I coul...

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Crimson Savior - Isabel Castruita
Crimson Savior is the first book
in the Hell’s Guardian Chronicles written by Isabel Castruita. It’s the first
in a new vampire series that carries a lot of the same characteristics as the
Vampire Academy series written by Richelle Mead.                 Zyr...

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The Fat Man's Monologue - Aliza Galkin-Smith
                The Fat
Man’s Monologue is the ultimate book for anyone who loves to read about food,
have a good laugh, and indulge in a little food porn via the delicious recipes
within the pages. It is the story of a very overweight man who just doesn’t

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Turtles and Ancient Secrets - Ronald Ritter and Sussan Evermore
and Ancient Secrets is a historical fiction novel that tells about the love
story of Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, two adventurers many years apart
in age but true soul mates. They travel the world on a variety of exploration...

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Strong Reflection - Cate Mckoy
Reflections is the second book in the Dark Series Trilogy and is listed as a
part of the romance/suspense genre. I haven’t read the first book but I liked
the premise and found the cover quite eye-catching so I decided to take a

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Chameleon - Zoe Kalo
is another fantastic supernatural novel for young adults written by one of my favourite
authors, Zoe Kalo. Paloma is a troubled young lady whose parents decide that
the best place for her is a boarding school run by some creepily n...
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