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Jack Deslippe
Scientist, Developer, Harry Potter Fan
Scientist, Developer, Harry Potter Fan
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I somehow missed the existence of this project. Potentially quite useful.

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Not sure if anyone else noticed this. But, recently, when casting from HBO-GO, I notice the content is now coming through with Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound. HBO Go used to (up to a month or so ago) be just stereo from chromecast. This is a nice improvement. 

Of course other apps (Google Play, Netflix, Vudu) have supported 5.1 sound on chromecast since they launched. 

I originally got the Nexus Player because I wanted a chromecast that supported 5G wifi band. The ability to play games was an added benefit.

After using the Nexus Player for a couple months, I think it is great for games... but, for me, it has been horrendous at being a Chromecast replacement. The Google Cast receiver functionality is really unreliable. I've basically given up and returned to my chromecast. I have the following issues:

1. Some apps, VUDU for example, never see the Nexus Player in the cast menu. Even right after rebooting the Nexus Player.

2. The Nexus Player disappears from the cast list on all cast enabled apps some minutes after boot. Its as if the Google Cast Receiver app is killed or stops running on the device. - perhaps due to a memory constraint or something...

3. The Netflix Cast experience is different from chromecast, and not in a good way. When you cast to Nexus Player it actually opens the Netflix app on the device and asks you to sign in, pick an account etc. It is way clunkier than casting Netflix to a chromecast. 

Are other people seeing similar casting issues? 

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In case you're wondering why WriteLaTeX is now +Overleaf, here's the announcement about our relaunch (which we're working on right now!)

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This is nice. Not sure why it took so long... Exporting to ODF would be nice, too.

Except using Libre Office (or Microsoft Office for that matter) feels so painful these days.
We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re happy to say that we now offer support for importing all three major ODF (Open) file formats: .odt files for documents, .ods for spreadsheets, and .odp for presentations.

Not only that, but we’re wrapping up the year with a few more Office-friendly improvements: we support more complex SmartArt from older Powerpoint presentations, and last week’s updates are also now import/export friendly, with support for merged cells in Word and slide numbers in Powerpoint.
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HARRY POTTER HEAVEN: J.K Rowling just announced that she will release new “Harry Potter” writing 12-days leading up to Christmas. 


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For many days, Google fit shows different values for step count on my phone and tablet. And they disagree with steps in graph. Anyone else seeing this?

Seems like Twee dies on start on lollipop. Anyone else seeing this?
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